Monster in a box :O

I sometimes wonder about the world my son inhabits.  I think he marches to a different drummer–for example, he has laughed in his sleep literally since the day he was born!  I kid you not, barely an hour old, and as I was gazing at him in the bassinet, he chuckled in his sleep, a little baby version of Eddie Murphy’s laugh*   Or, you may recall my previous entry about the tasty sandwich he made for my lunch one day–he was so enamored of it, he asked for half when he was done!   The funny thing was, I was in the shower when he came to ask me, and I imagined a big meat and cheese stacker with lettuce and tomato, thank you, and what I saw when I emerged from the bathroom was the very pedestrian PB&J, in all its (apparently) mouth-watering glory.

Of course, he does the usual boy stuff like turning every stick and rock into a weapon, heaven only knows where that came from, I HATE guns…I guess its true that some stuff really IS hardwired into our genes….sorry, I digress.  As I said, he exhibits the normal boy-traits you’d expect, but every now and again, he surprises me with his outside-the-box approach to life and love.  I recall one time we had an “I love you more” contest, and I thought I had him beat when I said I loved him past all the Universes, aka past infinity (top THAT boyo!)  Well, he actually stumped me when he said “I love you past GOD!”  I was speechless.  He still holds that one over my head!

Fast forward to this past Mother’s day.  My family (meaning my mother and brother LOL!) came up from the Bay Area, and my oldest daughter and her husband, and my middle daughter and her newborn, and HER father (my ex) and my son and I all milled around in my house eating and chatting and laughing and all in all, having such a good time, that I never realized there might be more Mother’s Day goodness in store…

The following Tuesday (TUESDAY!) he comes out of the classroom where I pick him up from the After School Program, and he says “Mom, close your eyes.”  So I do.  He puts something hard into my hand and tells me to look and I see this:

I said, “Oh, a Monster in a box! How cool!”  He looks at me with a pained look and says “No, mom, its Spongebob Squarepants.”  I said (before I could stop myself, sadly)  ” I HATE Spongebob!”  He says “Well, *I* like him!”   To which I said ” Well he’s not for YOU! Besides, he doesnt look like Spongebob.”  He said “I know, his legs fell off…but there’s his shorts!”  I said I thought that was a purple beard….

There’s a bonus, too.  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but that Monster-in-a-box is actually a necklace.  Yes folks, two beads on either side to keep ol’ “Spongebob” company.  Makes perfect sense to my son, bless him.   I may or may not risk the fashion police (though, Im sure they’ve gotten plenty of complaints, LOL!) by wearing the ‘necklace,’ But my little yellow Box Monster has a place of honor by my computer.  Right next to the Screw-up Fairy.  But thats a story for another time.

  * I just wanted to give a BIG BRONX CHEER to the eejit at THIS SITE for being a JERK and disallowing my linking to his ALLEGED FREE site. If you would have said you wanted credit or something, I’d have been happy to comply.  MOST PEOPLE would have been happy for the extra traffic but NOOOOOOO not Ross Walker…and considering its AMERICAN PUBLIC DOMAIN ANYWAY, somebody please tell me where this Brit even gets off?????  Whatever. You and your tight-ass server can assume the position and take it like a MAN, K??? 

~ by irishgrl on May 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Monster in a box :O”

  1. Hey there Irishglr,
    Just wanted you to know I came a visiting! Pretty nifty, never visited a blog before.

  2. Too Cute you have to wear it, trust me it’s better than hearing “you never wore the necklace-pin-hat-scarf I made you!!!” over and over and over…… Just sayin’ 🙂

  3. One day, this will be priceless. Actually, its priceless now 🙂 Thx for reading, my friend 🙂

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