Brushes with the Paranormal—The strange case of the disappearing bomber…

I live in a sleepy town in Northern California.  Usually not much happens here, but sometimes we do have a brush with the paranormal or the unexplained.  The incident I’m about to relate did happen, but because I didn’t make note of the day or time, or otherwise document it, I can’t be specific about when it occurred, other than to say it was very green and lush so I’d guess it was Spring or maybe early Summer, within a year or so of this writing.  I was driving south down the Skyway to Chico, (can’t recall why), and the roadway was pretty empty around me.  There were other cars but they were far enough away that I felt alone on my bit of road.

I was about midway down the stretch between Paradise and Chico and I was admiring the view off to my right, which we locally call “The Little Grand Canyon,” or Honey Run Canyon.  Honey Run bridge is one of the few remaining covered bridges in California.  The canyon itself is quite vast, and snakes north, with Butte creek meandering quietly through.

Anyway, as I’m hitting the halfway point I realized that suddenly, out of nowhere, this very large plane, like a cargo plane or a bomber, is to my right.  (I should point out I am no expert on plane types, I’m just giving my best guess as to its identification).  I did not see it approach, nor did I see it in my rear view as I passed it.  It’s possible that its approach may have been hidden by my position behind some trees, but I was coming from an uphill vantage point so I had the higher elevation relative to its approach, and I did not see it in the distance as I came downhill.  That said, while it was visible to me there was nothing to hinder my view.  Its appearance was sudden, and silent, and inexplicable.  It was also extremely low, on a par with the canyon rim.  Immediately I began trying to rationalize why it was there:  was it a fire bomber?  No, there were no fires in the area…  Was it military?  Perhaps, but why fly so low and travel in a canyon that was bound to narrow further on?  Not only that, but it seemed to travel very slowly as it flew.  Also, the silence of the plane was a surprise because as a rule, bombers are very noisy and droning.  That close it should have vibrated my whole car!

As suddenly as it appeared, it was gone, and I could find no mention of it in local news or papers, or even online.  I began to wonder if it had been cloaked, and maybe the cloaking malfunctioned?  Was it some super secret government spy plane?  Was it a time space anomaly that I just happened to witness?  I don’t know, and I suppose I’ll never know, but I’ve thought of it often since it happened, and decided I’d go ahead and go on record as having seen it in case anyone else out there may have seen it or perhaps something similar.

UPDATE 5/23/17:  Recently I came across some videos on YouTube that talked about the “Fake Plane” phenomenon, in which holograms or other non-actual aircraft are seen in the air, and then they suddenly disappear, similar to an image being shut off.

I don’t know what I saw exactly, but the bare facts of my sighting seem to fit with the so-called “fake plane” incidents.  There are a few theories out there that it is military tech, or some sort of black ops trickery (to what end who can say…) or shadow government agenda (again, why?)   I do remember some folks saying the planes that hit the Twin Towers on 9/11 were holograms, and the damage was caused by explosives planted within the building. If it is a secret program, the implications are enormous: widespread panic could ensue over a hologram of a UFO, for example, and people might be made to believe an alien attack was imminent, especially if coupled with top secret military aircraft that resemble and maneuver like UFO’s…and if you believe like I do that 9/11 was an inside job, it isn’t much of a stretch to think that certain factions could be capable of creating chaos on a grand scale…

I have to say it is a very weird experience, seeing something, then not seeing it, and realizing it was dead silent (and planes of that type have a very LOUD drone, I hear it often during a bad fire season).  You begin to doubt your senses and your sanity, but you can’t deny that you saw something.  As I said, weird.

~ by irishgrl on July 7, 2016.

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