Yers Truly. ‘Nuff Said.

Im Irishgrl and you’re not. You may think that goes without saying, but I like saying it!

Ive been fascinated by Irish/Celtic culture all my life. I have Irish roots, but more than that, I have an Irish SOUL. My fondest wish is to visit Ireland (and Stonehenge) and see for myself the country that calls to me. Ah, someday…

For now, though, I live in a sleepy little mountain town nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern CA (NOR CAL!) where the roads are narrow, and the minds are narrower! Its like summer camp here, 24/7. The air smells so good and I get assorted wildlife wandering through my yard, munching on my plants. Its such a refreshing change from the Bay Area where I was born and raised, I still get excited over deer or raccoons or possums or SNOW!! (except when the power goes out!). If I ever crave nightlife or culture, Chico is just a short jaunt down the mountain. (Some of you may recall that Chico State University once had the distinction of being voted the #1 party College by Playboy magazine. Woo Hoo) There’s just enough to do to avoid being boring and yet its still uncrowded and relatively unspoiled. I consider myself very lucky to live here actually. Im the proud mother of two grown daughters (one is an RN) and a son still at home (my frogboy!) I also have 4 (!) cats and several effing neighbors O_o

Im currently retired. I used to work for the County, in Social Services. I am a Paralegal, and legal research is one of my very most favorite pastimes. I am also a Child Advocate. I became one because of the need to protect my son from his father, but as I negotiated the intimidating world of Family Court, I realized that the system is warped, filled with people who pervert the intent of the statutes meant to protect children. Thus began my crusade, starting with amending CA Family Code 3030, and networking with various Child Advocacy groups and individuals. I know its a daunting task, but when I get overwhelmed by the enormity of what Im doing, I try to remember that even one pebble can make a ripple in a pond.

My interests include (but are not limited to) All things Irish/Celtic, Politics, Law, Child Advocacy, Humor (all types!!) Environmental Protection, Internet Research, and the Weird. I enjoy a good debate. Im fascinated by history and science. In short, Im a GEEK. by the way, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of this site called Wordle where I posted part of my bio and got this charming little graphic as a result:

In a final postscript, I owe my entry into the blogosphere to a certain VB who, alas, burned that bridge. Yet, here I am, safe and whole. Thanks to everyone who kissed the Blarney Stone 😛

3 Responses to “Yers Truly. ‘Nuff Said.”

  1. First, I checked out your site – I woulda signed the guestbook, but I don’t know if it didn’t load or wasn’t there or I just didn’t wait long enough, but ya anyway…It’s pretty snazzy.
    I thought I’d share, I remember being jealous of you, when you first got to write on a certain place….
    But now, actually talking to you, and actually reading what you’ve written, I think you’re pretty cool actually.
    You’re not a GEEK though. Not really anyway. In order to get the GEEK badge you gotta play vids regularly. 😛 Like me!
    No, but seriously, keep it up. I’ll be here, reading it. 😀
    You’re so going on my “I Heart” list. 😛

  2. oh, I never was very good at video games, sadly 😦 But I still consider myself a geek anyway!

    Thx for putting me on your “I Heart” list, Im honored!

  3. I suck at them, yet I try anyway – actually, I think I just use it to vent. Crashing a car, blowing up Japanese people, shooting the bad guys in 007, being God in the Sims…It’s great!
    😀 Yay!

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