Brushes with the Paranormal—Ghosts part 5

With this post I am widening my series to include a narrative by someone I only just recently became connected with, but whose story is important enough to bear repeating.  About 2 months ago, I happened to be watching the SYFY channel’s Paranormal Witness program.  I had no idea that by the end of the show I’d be so stunned by the revelations that I would actively seek out the woman who was sharing her story–but that is what happened.

Before I delve into the topic, I just want to send a little gratitude to my son, who positively HATES it when I watch all my spooky ghost shows, but ends up watching them with me (mostly because I have the remote LOL!)

Ok, now for the specifics.  The episode in question, The Apartment, aired 9/12/12 @ 10pm.  In content, it was much like other stories of ghost activity: moved objects, unexplained activity, brief sightings etc, but this story had an added twist:  serial nightmares.  And, it was local.  For me, that was the clincher.  Below is the local newspaper account  of the facts:

Ten years ago, Jodi Foster hopped on a train with her 2-year-old daughter, Hannah, and made her way from rural Montana to Chico. She had fond memories of this town, where she’d spent a summer in 1997 caring for her grandmother. With the help of a few friends, she found a nice, two-bedroom apartment on Parmac Road and moved their modest belongings with hopes of creating a home.

But within mere hours of being in the new apartment, Foster got an uneasy feeling. It was as if someone was watching her, she said. Unable to put her finger on what was wrong, she pushed the feelings aside, reassuring herself that her cute, clean apartment was just fine.

Something lingered, though, and before long she started having dreams, vivid accounts of strange events and places she’d never been.

The article goes on to detail the series of dreams that Jodi had, all revolving around a young woman who was abducted and tortured by a couple until finally the young woman is murdered.   One odd aspect about the young woman was her silence–she spoke instead through her eyes.  In one of the most vivid dreams, Jodi sees the actual murder, and the woman mouths the words ‘help me.’  The paranormal activity isnt confined to dreams either:  objects were continually being moved, and at one point heaped in a pile on the bed, with Jodi’s daughter’s stuffed Ernie doll repeating “I feel great” in rapid succession.  This proves to be the last straw and Jodi complains to the Apartment manager who agrees to relocate Jodi to a different complex in exchange for not speaking about the haunting.  Jodi agrees and moves across town, gets a new job, and becomes involved in a relationship.

At first, Jodi does not realize that the people and events she is being shown are real, but after researching stories of abduction in the local library, Jodi learned the name of the young woman (Marie Spannake) and her address  at the time of her abduction–the very same apartment that Jodi had rented!   A picture in the article confirmed this was the same woman who appeared to Jodi in her dreams, and whose body was never found.  Armed with a name,  a face, and some additional details from recent dreams, Jodi contacts a local crime journalist who relates details of a similar kidnapping in a nearby town.  The victim in that crime was kept prisoner for several years before managing to break free.    Her captors were arrested, and the wife (Janice) agreed to testify against her husband in exchange for immunity.  During her testimony, the wife mentioned that she and her husband had abducted another woman the previous year–Marie Spannake.

Jodi got in touch with local police and gave them every detail she could think of, including what she believed to be geographic coordinates of the location where Marie’s body was buried.  Because the case was still considered open, they could not confirm anything.    Jodi then contacted an investigative reporter who was able to get a copy of Janice’s interrogation.  One small detail explained why Marie didnt speak–her vocal chords were severed.

Unfortunately, even armed with the information Jodi supplied, local police were unable to locate Marie’s body and the case remains unsolved.   Janice has since begun a career as a therapist, and works for a nearby County.  As a result of her testimony, Janice’s husband was convicted and is currently serving time in prison.  He is due to be released for parole shortly.   Jodi herself has seen her life transformed.   Journals she kept detailing her dreams were eventually compiled and edited into a book Forgotten Burial-A restless spirit’s plea for justice and can be ordered HERE.

Jodi also has a blog with additional videos, articles and other information.  (link:

I guess it goes without saying (but Im saying it anyway!) that if you, or anyone you know may have info that may be of use in this ongoing investigation, please contact Chico Police.  They can be reached the following ways:

If you would like to report a crime or activity, please call (530) 895 – 4911, use our Online Crime Report Form, or download our printable Crime Report Form for mailing or drop off at Chico P.D.

Marie Spannake deserves to rest in peace, but more than that, she deserves justice.    With that I think I’ll close with my usual


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2 Responses to “Brushes with the Paranormal—Ghosts part 5”

  1. Call Chico PD, it is not true…and she used Roger Aylsworth’s info without approval. She does not know where the deceased is, and they cancelled her book because of all the lies and called us to tell us. The ones she stalks in Chico, just like another Cameron Hooker. Ask around, ask what she did to the Producer of Psychic Children…predator and thinks she is famous from her name….ask her meth friends.

  2. It’s unclear who I am responding to, but FYI–I easily found her book on Amazon, and while the first version is out of print, there is an updated version published by Llewelyn available. As for the rest, if Jodi used info improperly, I’m sure Roger Aylesworth would take legal action…I don’t know Jodi personally, so I’m not privy to her social circle nor her business contacts. However, you sound like you have a personal grudge for some reason. If you have actual facts to back your claims instead of mudslinging, I’d be happy to see it. For myself, I’m not going to naysay what experiences a person had or didn’t have, and I doubt anyone would willingly open them self up to ridicule over “lies”…so, kindly provide links or other facts in future.

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