PROTECT on Oprah!

Ive mentioned before I am a child advocate. One of the groups I belong to– “PROTECT”–is going to be on Oprah on Monday Sept 15th according to an email I got today. Here is the main thrust of the email:

We just got back from taping The Oprah Show in Chicago and wanted to make sure you, as part of the PROTECT family, tune in this Monday to watch Oprah spread our pro-child, anti-crime message to her more than 40 million viewers. We wanted to share some behind the scenes details with you here in advance.

Special Agent Flint Waters demonstrated his computer software that tracks Internet predators and pornographers, leading investigators straight to these criminals’ doors-and potentially leading to child rescue. PROTECT’s Legislative Affairs Director, Camille Cooper, discussed our Federal bill that will award law enforcement the funding necessary to put this groundbreaking and life-saving new program in play. Ms. Cooper told Oprah and her audience of millions how hard PROTECT’s members and supporters have worked on this bill for the past two years. Oprah will be calling upon her vast audience on Monday to demand the Senate passes this legislation.

This has been such a long hard battle for many of us, but victory is in sight. In fact, within mere hours following the taping on Thursday, word reached Capitol Hill of Oprah’s new role in our campaign, leading a to FOX News headline: “Hurricane Oprah Heading Towards Washington.”

And now, let’s win this final round. Please click here to tell your Senators to stop playing politics and pass the ‘PROTECT Our Children Act.’

I’ll be at work when this is aired, but I sure hope those who are at home will take action when they see this. What a wonderful help for our kids! Thanks Oprah!

~ by irishgrl on September 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “PROTECT on Oprah!”

  1. Creepiness – tracking peoples internet things? CREEPY!! I need to know how this software works. Like, how does it track this. Does it track EVERYONE’s movements, but records only the porn or kiddy-porn parts, or does it attach itself to that stuff all by itself. How would it work? I mean, what’s so wrong with porn online? That’s what the internet is for? Go after the predators. But don’t ruin MY share of fun, catching my buddies for wanting to jack off.
    I’m 100% “big brother”, and all his tracking and watching. I like to do things and NOT have everyone see what I’m doing. If I wanna go look at pictures of a chick naked, I should be allowed to do that, without the cops knowing about it, or coming to my door, or whatever.
    Sorry, had to get that off my chest. 😀

  2. first of all this law is aimed at CHILD predators. I believe porn sites are required to register in some way as porn sites so yes, they are traceable. As they SHOULD BE IMO. I dont care what turns other people on, but Im philosophically opposed to porn on the internet, particularly because our children do use it. There are plenty of other outlets that aren’t accessed by children, if you must indulge your porn gene. Just had to get that off MY chest. Again, to each his own but I draw the line where it concerns children.

  3. How child is “child”? And by porn I don’t mean just porn sites – it’s everywhere, not just those sites. I don’t think porn should be traceable – if people wanna get off, let them get off. I don’t know, just the whole “I know what you’re doing” thing creeps me out…I’m a private person, I don’t want some people to know when I’m looking at porn.
    NOT THAT I look at porn……>.> <.<
    Oh well. =P

  4. I am sure the definition of “child” is clearly stated in the legislation, but my sense is the younger the child, the worse the offense.

    I am not one to butt in on what folks do in their private lives, but again, I draw the line at child pornography, and I dont care who it is, if a person enjoys pictures or videos (or even real life acts) of sex with children, then thats SICK. It doesnt belong on the net, it doesnt belong anywhere.

    I am philosophically opposed to porn of any type, on principle. However, I mind my own business UNLESS it comes to kids, as I said.

  5. Three toughts come into my mind about your concern …
    1. No offense irish, but you miss the point dramatically.
    Listen to POprah ( copyright Colbert )
    or giving credit to elected lawmakers won’t probably benefit your
    cause much and wouldn’t solve the problem collectively much less:
    “This is serious stuff!” Jordan Maxwell on Civil Law & UCC
    UCC – “The Law of God in the World of Business”
    2. The story is “rawer” than you expect.
    Because there are people, whose philosophical point of view in
    relation to this matter seems to be exactly the opposite of yours …
    Unfortunately, they rule the world among others with blood oaths,
    black masses, guillotines. Their spirituality bluntly cries for sacrifices!
    3. What is that: “porn”? The Bill Hicks version.
    “I draw the line” with you exactly at the same position, irish.
    Only the decision making process is more complicated, because these
    secret kings use instead of democracy every instrument to prevail:
    they control us culturally. Politics are just part of this culture!

  6. so then your answer would be???

    Its very easy to criticize the status quo, but not so easy to change it.

  7. strong response! you put the question fair & perfectly.
    my intention by doing such kind of apparently harsh comment was not to rain on your parade, but to liberate your philosophical conviction from its political powerlessness …

    Aldous Huxley said it quite similarly to you:
    „Nothing is easier than to formulate high ideals.
    But little is harder than to find the means
    that will can translate these ideals into action.
    You have to dream, but in a pragmatical way.” @ 22 min

    Huxley’s dreaming & Maxwell’s call for “waking up immediately” are both decisive.
    Besides, our dreams belong – I think – to the most central parts of the human cosmic being & were utilized by the church for centuries in many ways to keep us subserviently.

    We luckily have this vital and unique historical template of invention of the letterpress plus Protestant reformation subsequently to it. 500 years ago, there was the biggest mental revolution in history of mankind! That’s why the Jesuit order was founded at that time …

    Now, the worldwide cyberspace is rising: a tremendous global ebook, a world chat room, and you can witness how all of the secret Jesuit armies in every part of our civic societies, not only the Christian ones, will be uncovered step by step. The internet makes the Jesuit power grid transparent: the black soldiers of the “Pope’s Army” are like black holes in our social universe, our communities … I have a lot of good stuff from a german count who served the Company of Jesus for 14 years before he went vehemently against his former brothers: Paul Hoensbroech. He wrote for instance a complete lexicon about the most resolute enemy of freedom. Because: “There is no freedom, without cognitive liberty.”

    How precise, do you think, the conceptions of the then protesting protagonists have been, when they began to attack the open Catholic oppression apparatus? Today I can imagine at most tendencies about future social developments by learning the consequences of the hidden Catholic oppression apparatus to every single living soul …
    The mental revolution that we are facing has to be definitely the exact opposite of 9/11 – that’s for sure. What that is? Honesty & Respect!
    The internet will integrate to a freeing kind of soul against the monolithic & ruthless Roman conspiratorial system once we understand to debate honestly & respectfully:
    without a truly free public opinion, there will not be such thing as real democracy.

    Brian Andersen: “If you truly want power, what would you do?
    You control both sides.
    If you always create the problem, you always provide a solution.
    But if a problem comes up and you can’t control it, you don’t have control.
    So, the best way to have control is always
    create the problems then you have a solution.”

    This kind of power has to be stopped!! Because:
    This kind of power is responsible for all dialectical terror front lines in our life.
    So, I’m working on an online college in honor of Phelps, McKenna, Lipton, Klein, Maxwell, Morse, Cooper, Cusack, Kauffman, Grove, Webb, Thompson, Sutton, Hughes, Griesinger, Hoensbroech, Kundera, Bieri etc., and I try to initiate a new web format family of corresponding “2.0 matadores” to integrate the 9/11 Truth Movement after what happened on August 15, last year, on Lennie Bloom’s Broadcast &
    what made David Smith happen on May 14, this year, in Texas.

    We need a new basis.
    And a quantum leap in our collective mind …
    to offset the spiritual supremacy of the Jesuits.
    Goethe was virtually one of them, Mozart too, Descartes, Napoleon, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, all the Illuminats, all the 33° Freemasons, Clinton, Castro, Helmut Kohl etc.
    Heinrich Pesch SJ – very important!

    “Forget the politicians! They are irrelevant.
    The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
    You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners! They own you!
    They own everything! They own all the important land.
    They own & control the corporations […] all the big media companies, so they control just about all the news & information you got to hear. They got you by the balls! […]
    They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
    They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
    They aren’t interested in that. That doesn’t help them. That’s against their interest. […]
    They want obedient workers. Obedient workers! People who are just smart enough to run the machines & do the paper work and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shittyier jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime & the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you collected it.”
    George Carlin nails it

    That’s the best answer I can give you at this moment.
    To be precise however is rarely easy – there only helps exercising … what I’m trying is to pioneer a common understanding of all unconscious fallouts caused by the main methods of our hushed education system and the noisy pop news entertaining industry, both under military control of the Jesuit knights who practise their power behind a pseudo-political firewall of media & party celebrities within an very tight encircled social environment.

    Gary Webb & Robert Parry vs. The Media Industrial Complex
    Constructing Public Opinion
    CFR & the 2008 Election. Hegel, The Media, Conspiracy Theories & You

    Look at all those well-known Georgetown University graduates: They are Jesuits!

    Atlantis & The Magic Mushroom
    All belongs together. The truth doesn’t exclude anything. All is real: all methods to manipulate, all efforts covering these mind control technics. When you have celibate fanatics in power you can’t fix the pedophile problem at all, because celibacy is a military feature. Catholic priests are like soldiers. They form unitary armies and rape women, children & also men in cold blood while serving the asexual Jesus as the papal sun god.

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