Ive become a statistic *madface*

You may or may not know I am a Guv’ment flunkie.  I administer Public Assistance benefits to the needy.  I am expected to treat every client with courtesy, dignity, and respect, and to be pleasant, and compassionate.  Ive always believed in that standard, and done my best to adhere to it, even during difficult interviews, with angry clients, with clients under the influence, stressed out, homeless in some cases, battered in others…but all as individuals with unique situations.

Yesterday, I got distracted upon coming to work, my boss asked me to step in and assist a co-worker by completing his appointments because he was out sick.  I didnt get a chance to put my purse away, and didnt realize that it was missing for several hours.  Also my keys, which were attached to my purse.  I hurried out to the parking lot, thinking my car might also be stolen but it was still there thank goodness.

I called my car insurance company, and requested lockout assistance, hoping my purse might be actually locked inside, but it was not.  It was then I realized, my purse had been stolen by one of the very people I was knocking myself out to help!  And the real kicker was, I was informed I could not give a list of possible suspect names to the Police because we had a duty to protect confidentiality!  Personally, I think that STINKS!  Any job that puts customers ahead of its own employees, especially when the employee was the victim of a crime, is a CRAPPY job.

I notified the Sergeant on duty that my boss told me I couldnt give any names, and he said ‘well, we’ll just send an officer over to talk to your boss in person.’  HAH!

Im so mad right now, because I know that we do fraud investigations all the time, and there isnt that concern about confidentiality with the fraud investigator–who happens to work for the DA!

It just proves to me (AGAIN) that my job does not value me as an employee nor as a person.   Well, we’ll see about THAT.

~ by irishgrl on March 23, 2011.

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