Back by Popular Demand–Underpants O’Brien!

Well, its been a year since my Leprechaun alter ego last graced these pages, and I’ve gotta say, Ive missed the rascal!  I think its his snappy fashion sense that keeps me fascinated, or perhaps his devilish grin (which probably means mischief for some other poor soul!)…but whatever the reason, he’s back, which means the REAL party can now commence!

Ive just been informed that a couple of his good friends–Hoops and YoYo–recorded their best effort of a classic Irish tune, So, without further ado–Hoops and YoYo Ladies and Gents!

Irish Lullaby

MOAR Hoops and YoYo St Patricks Day fun!!!

EVEN MOAR Hijinks!

I wish I could afford to upgrade to hosting video clips, alas this poor single mom aint made of dough!  But if I were, I’d host THIS

Over in my neck of the woods, there is a very popular Irish group called the PUB SCOUTS.  Im sure they’ll be playing at Duffy’s Tavern later, and if you’re in the vicinity of Chico, CA, stop in and enjoy their impromptu  jam sessions!

May everyone have a blast today, listen to some Irish music, tell Irish jokes, eat some corned beef, and if you’re so inclined, a drop of the spirit!   Wear some green and dont forget to KISS the IRISH!

~ by irishgrl on March 16, 2011.

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