Insomnia sucks

As I write this, it is 2:18am Friday morning.  The heater just shut off and the house is too quiet except for the sound of my Siamese, Shao Lin, calling to her ghost babies as she carries a sock throughout the house.  Of all the cats Ive ever had, hers is the most cringe-worthy voice Ive ever heard from a cat.   She sounds like she is being strangled.  She cant drink water normally either, so perhaps she WAS strangled before she came to me.  Thanks to the help of a local spay/neuter program in my town, I was able to get her fixed at little to no cost because I guaranteed I’d give her a forever home (she adopted me).  Apparently she was in heat or pregnant when she was fixed, because she had milk after the operation, and she began carrying socks and underwear all over the house in the wee hours of the night.  Which brings me back to the point of my post:  it sucks being the only one awake (aside from a misguided maternal feline) in the wee hours of the night, every night.

Most times my brain wont shut down, no matter how many tricks I try to play on it…My mom tells me it runs in the family, she does it, my Grandma did it…all I can say is *yay*  (sarcasm intended)

It’d be ok if I had the kind of job where I could telecommute or log in hours via internet (hell, I’d be rich!) but Im not that lucky.  Instead, Im sitting in an uncomfortable chair, trying to keep my feet from being licked to death, watching my cat deposit dirty socks throughout the house, and watching the snow pile up outside.  I wont be going to work tomorrow, my car isnt running right, and school will probably be closed.  And yet….the power is still on, Im surrounded by a boy (and 5 animals) who love me, my bills are paid, there’s gas in the car and I can keep my pajamas on tomorrow if I want.

Maybe insomnia isnt all that bad after all, because even if I cant sleep like I’d like to, at least I can count my blessings while the house is (almost) quiet, and appreciate the little things that make life good.  All this philosophizing has actually made my eyes a little droopy….gonna go road test that old pillow after all 🙂


~ by irishgrl on February 25, 2011.

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