Dust off the tiara baby, there’s a new Drama Queen in town *golf clap*

HELL-O boys and girls!  Isnt cyber life strange sometimes?  Without even trying, Ive been pulled into a pissing contest between 2 bloggers; One is a dear friend of mine, the other sounds like a jilted ex-girlfriend to me, I dunno…Anyways, this gal, whoever she is, (She goes by Christy on her blog…and NO Im not gonna post her blog link because Im not gonna up her site stats thank you very much) claims out of boredom one day (yeah sure) she “happened” to google my friend and voila boys and girls, finds his new blog and begins to rant about him on HER blog.  My friend (no you aint getting HIS blog site either) notices the new traffic and traces it back to HER blog and just like THAT, a whole new drama baby is born.  The strange thing is, she saw fit to mention me, listed MY blog and asked rhetorically if I knew what my friend said about me (and my daughter) behind my back.

The short answer is YES.  Like any friendship, my friend and I have been through good times and bad times.  We’ve ranted at each other and about each other, but we’ve also apologized to each other and forgiven each other.   So Christy (or whoever the hell you are), you can save your bait.  Im not biting.  But thanks for the site traffic *muah*

Now go back to your cauldron and stir that shit some more, because its starting to smell.

~ by irishgrl on June 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “Dust off the tiara baby, there’s a new Drama Queen in town *golf clap*”

  1. good post, I like the site

    Mike Boozer, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

  2. Thanks Mike, appreciate the positive feedback 🙂

  3. Just read your post on Topix.
    So I have a question.
    Are you the same Irish from yahoo poker a few years ago?

  4. Yahoo Poker? I doubt it. Im not much for cyber cards…unless Im misunderstanding your comment….

    Also, which Topix post are you referring to? The one where I am arguing with Brad Jenks? Or some other knuckle-dragger? Ive never made any secret of the fact I believe the Bush Administration was capable of great EVIL, and for me it makes perfect sense that Oil Tycoons/War Hawks/New World Order types would stop at nothing to exploit a resource, cripple a country, manufacture a war, co-opt the media or steal a Presidential election to accomplish their goals, regardless of the cost in human lives (or even AMERICAN lives).

    If you’ve come to scoff, Im shrugging. If you have sincere questions, I’ll do my best to accommodate your curiosity.

  5. EVIL.

  6. Moose dislikes how people do that.

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