Lessee……apparently I am now banned from accessing Above Top Secret, why? I dunno….unless it had to do with a private message I sent to a particularly asinine poster regarding his failure to connect the dots in a article he posted himself? This poster, a certain Kozmo by name, had the temerity to post an article discussing the subject of DNA, and not just ANY DNA mind you, but JEWISH DNA. Kozmo somehow drew the erroneous conclusion that since there were 2 branches of Jews, (one in Eastern Europe (Ashkenazi) and another bordering the Mediterranean (Sephardic) modern day Israeli Jews should vacate Palestine, since they had no DNA claim to the region. (I know, I know, but I didnt put it out there, I just responded to it). He somehow fails to grasp the distinction between “culture” and “religion”, and pretty much exposes his anti-Jew/Israeli sentiment right off the bat.

*sigh* First of all, my understanding is that being “Jewish” is a matter of culture/religion AND race. A religion can embrace many races, as Christians well know. All of my research seems to indicate that the Arabs and the Jews are more closely connected than one or the other is willing to admit. First of all, the Bible clearly states the two groups had a common progenitor, Abraham. One son (Ishmael) was the forerunner of the Arab peoples, the other (Isaac) was the forerunner of the Jewish peoples. The Bible says God smiled upon Isaac, even though he clearly usurped his older brother’s birthright. If you accept the fact that the core of the Old Testament is the Torah, and that history is written by the winner, then you would be forgiven for a bit of an “aha” moment when you realize that the predominant sympathies lie with the Jewish version.

That said, the Arabs/Muslims dont exactly win people over with their unnecessary violence and extremist rhetoric. Im sorry, but I happen to feel Jesus (who advocated turning the other cheek) is a better example of how to act than Mohammed (who raped/tortured/killed people who thwarted his will). Folks dont have to like what I said, and they sure dont have to agree with it. BUT: If they are so insecure as to block honest debate from sincere forum members, then apparently there is more going on at that site (which USED to be known as a great place to explore shadow topics) than is apparent at first glance.

Whatever. Im taking the dumbass site off of my bookmarks. I wont give them the satisfaction of darkening their doorstep any longer.
And you wussies who whined to the Mods instead of giving me an honest answer, better stock up on yer diapers becuz there are plenty more independent thinkers out there who are gonna be wise to yer posturing. As a final flip of the middle finger, I sent them this message:

Your Email Has Been Sent to the executive staff.
name: irishgrl
subject: whatever.
message: you’ve now blocked me from logging in to my account, presumably because I had the temerity to call a poseur out on his inflammatory post. whatever. revoke all you want, you are a pale shadow of what you used to be. whenever a forum is threatened by the dissenting opinions of its readers, it is nothing more than a beard for an agenda. I’d admonish you to be ashamed of yourselves, but I know that isnt gonna happen. Considering the lengths you’ve had to go to control the cliques on your forum, and your lack of success, I feel fairly confident in predicting that the quality of this site will decrease in proportion to the increase of big brother methods you’ll employ. Too bad really, but you backed the wrong pony. tsk.

Thank you for your message. A confirmation email has been sent to you, and we will do our best to answer your question(s) as soon as possible.

Really, dont worry about answering. Im not interested. Truth be told, Ive been bant from better establishments……besides, my signature said it all (before you pansies disabled it):

~ by irishgrl on March 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “BANT! ACCESS DENIED!”

  1. to date, I have received no confirmation email. Why am I not surprised?

  2. alright, I admit it, I tried to log in again, just for shits and giggles. I couldnt (why am I not surprised?) BUT I saw this post on the last page:

    In the light of Leschwartz’s logical and comprehensive anwers, I think the OP has been proven wrong and biased. The raison d’etre of this thread has been exhausted.
    People can of course still fly against all logic, history, moral and scientific arguments – and common decency, if they choose to do so.
    Further arguments on Israeli and Arab politics of warfare should perhaps go to other threads. This was about DNA ancestry of a type of Jewish people.

    A last bit of irony: if we take the OP and his defenders seriously, perhaps someone should take a few million people from Spain and forcibly relocate them to Israel, and a few million Israeli Ashkenazis to Spain in exchange. Explain to the Spaniards that they are somehow closer to bomb-wearing Palestinians.
    Let us see how popular, just and compassionate that proposal would come across to ordinary Israelis and Spaniards…
    reply posted on 4-3-2010 @ 06:02 PM by Kokatsi

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