WTF??? is this for real or an Alternate Reality game?

there’s a lot of confusing instructions but basically you start by putting the following IP address in your browser’s address line:

when the Google Search Screen comes up, you type alfa-tsentr in the search field….

google window alfa-tsentr

you may get a live feed of a girl in a room, an empty room or this video…

tell me what you think….is it a very elaborate hoax or something more?

weird thing is, when you get search results, here is one of your choices:

It seems to be a mercenary for hire organization similar to Blackwater…to me, having lived thru the Cold War, I know how intimidating Russian Operatives can seem….in fact, they scare me more than American operatives, because they seem to have excised their emotions completely.  By that I mean, Russian operatives seem more cold-hearted or ruthless than their American counterparts….Think Ivan Drago from Rocky 4……bloodthirsty efficiency coupled with physical and mental superiority…not weighed down by pesky sentimentalism that we Americans seem to carry with us like a fluffy blanket…MOMMY!


~ by irishgrl on August 21, 2009.

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