Yesterday was a strange day, bracketed by deaths (one in the morning and one in the late afternoon) of two iconic celebrities, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Farrah Fawcett almost single handedly defined the ultimate in feminine beauty in the 70’s with her famous feathered hair and her golden girl beauty.  Her famous poster could be found in just about every teenage boy’s room during the latter part of the 70’s (and into the 80’s as well!) and it adorned the walls of many a girl’s room as well:


Her life was a strange roller coaster of highs and lows….but there was one constant in her life, and that was Ryan O’Neal.  I am sure that poor man is just devastated right now, to lose Farrah knowing they were so close to realizing their dream of marrying.  I cant even begin to imagine the sense of loss he must be feeling right now….

When I did a search for Farrah pictures, one thing stood out immediately:  her SMILE.  Its usually always there, even when her health started declining, she put on the brave face, and smiled that beautiful smile.


And then the death of Michael Jackson in the afternoon…first the reports of the cardiac arrest, the revival, and then BOOM, just that suddenly, he’s gone.  Even though I had mixed feelings about him on the whole (loved his musical genius, loved his dancing talent, hated the whiff of pedophilia, hated the nose jobs and the eccentricities, and loathed the way he muscled Debbie Rowe out of any rights to their children) I was just as stunned as the next person…certain folks seem to be a part of the cultural landscape, always there, dependable (even in their oddness) and well, sort of comforting.  For him to suddenly be gone made me realize that his passing left a hole in the cultural fabric, the way the deaths of Elvis Pressley and John Lennon (and Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix) did…..he was unique, a (tortured) genius whose musical contributions  became a sort of demarcation point for the current evolution in music.

I know there are some who will remember the notorious Michael Jackson, “wacko Jacko”, but Im hoping that folks will instead choose to see the good he did, the innovations he trailblazed, and focus on his positive cultural legacy.

Farrah, Michael, Rest in Peace.


~ by irishgrl on June 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Requiem”

  1. And don’t forget good ol’ Ed McMahon passed on Tuesday. He was an icon to those of us who grew up with the Johnny Carson Show, Star Search, and Publishers Clearinghouse Giveaways…

    These things tend to come in threes, so maybe things will be quiet for awhile…

    RIP Ed, Farrah, and Michael… God Bless you all…

  2. Oops, an oversight, I knew about him and meant no disrespect 😦

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