Seeing double O-o

there must be something in the water down in Tinseltown….I mean, doesnt it seem like EVERYONE is having twins? Here is a shortlist of stars who have had (or will have) twins:

Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden (who is himself a twin)

Dennis and Kimberly Quaid

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Brad Pitt and whats-her-name

Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Marcia Cross and hubby

Jerry O\’Connell and Rebecca Romjin

Lisa Marie Presley and Hubby

Patrick Dempsey and wife

of course, there are also twins who have been around awhile:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

And twins of famous celebs you never hear about (from THIS LINK):

Jill and Jacqueline Hennessy

Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland – Kiefer has a twin sister named Rachel who\’s a post-production supervisor working in film and television in Toronto, Canada.

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson – Scarlett has a twin brother named Hunter who worked as community organizer at Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer\’s office and became a campaign organizer for Pressident Obama in Denver.

Ashton and Michael Kutcher – Ashton has a twin brother named Michael who born with cerebral palsy and had a life-saving heart transplant when they was 13-years-old. Michael stayed in Iowa and sells retirement plans.

Gisele and Patricia Bündchen – Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Gisele Bündchen has a twin sister named Patricia who act as Gisele\’s manager.

Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi – both in acting career.

Jon and Daniel Heder – identical twins, both in film business. Daniel worked as an animator on the movie \”Monster House.

Isabella and Isotta Ingrid Rossellini – flawless model Isabella Rossellini has a twin sister named Isotta Ingrid who earn a PhD in Italian Literature at Columbia University, and became a professor and taught at Harvard and Princeton.

Alanis and Wade Morissette is also a perfect celebrity twins in entertainment world.

I dunno…..I think yer asking for double diaper duty if you drink the water in Tinseltown.

~ by irishgrl on April 8, 2009.

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