Whatever happened to cartoons?

I love cartoons. Ive watched them since the early 60’s. Ive even endured ridiculous repeats and spinoffs because they were preferable to the alternative (homework! or news *blech*) Ive seen them go through some disturbing, and downright frightening changes over the years, beginning with Ren and Stimpy, courtesy of MTV. From that point on, it seemed like the previously untouched societal boundaries were fair game (burping/farting anyone?) Then we were treated to Spongebob Squarepants, and anything resembling normalcy took a decided nosedive. Still, I find myself watching them so I guess I have no room to talk….(see Clint?  Im not ALL bad!)  Here’s a brief sample of today’s fare:

the weirdest of all comes courtesy of a show called the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and the character that bends credulity is
Dr. Barber, a Dr/Barber hybrid that does business at Stormalong Harbor….I couldnt find the commercial that had all the mmmm…yes clips,. but let me tell you, this character is CREEPY!!! I wish Cartoon Network would post that commercial!  Also, there is a character on Chowder, Reuben, that I think is absolutely hilarious!


~ by irishgrl on April 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Whatever happened to cartoons?”

  1. Uh… Me thinks thou doth protest too much. Cartoons evolve just like everything else. Music is not what it was in the 60s, nor are movies, nor are cartoons, nor are ANYthing. And they’re not just for kids. I know tons of 30+ who watch Flapjack, for example. You’re one step away from shaking your fist and telling these damn kids to get off your lawn 😛

  2. actually no, the more I watch those cartoons, the more I “get” them.
    I actually think the character of Reuben from Chowder is hilarious, and Im fascinated by Dr. Barber in a morbid sort of way…so, I will revise my original post just a bit

  3. Soory, I likes the Ren and Stimpy.
    Also, Two Stupid Dogs and Ed, Edd, N Eddy and all them Cartoon Network shows from when I was under the age of 12.

  4. Ive never seen the cartoons you mentioned, mostly on our cartoon network channel, we get chowder, Ben 10, Flapjack, 6Teen (we like that one a lot!) Secret 7, Johnny test….and assorted Pokemon, Bakugan and other shows….

  5. They’re not on the TV anymore. Only on Boomerang, if that.

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