Chemtrails, and what follows after….

The middle of last week, either Tuesday March 17, or Wednesday March 18, I noticed NO LESS THAN 7 0r 8 Chemtrails in the skies above me as I commuted to work. Today, March 21, I receive an urgent, severe weather alert for my area. Maybe the 2 arent connected, but somehow I dont think so. The Government has known for quite some time how to manipulate the weather…and (I believe) has been getting more and more desperate as global warming has left the west (particularly California, which supplies the rest of the nation with most of its fresh produce) with less and less rain and/or snow pack which has ramifications for fish, livestock, crops and ultimately people.

If you think this isnt important, then I hope you have a plentiful supply of stocked foodstuffs in your larder baybeh. You\’re gonna need it.

Also: If you think Katrina was natural, you are living in a dream world.

~ by irishgrl on March 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Chemtrails, and what follows after….”

  1. Ahhh, Katrina. I remember it all like it happened yesterday.

  2. dear Moosington. if only it were that simple.
    truth is, governments with jet propulsion chem trails activated by circling satellites have been quietly manipulating weather now for quite some time….

  3. I’m not Moose…
    But I don’t think it is possible to manipulate the weather with satellites. Unless you could mess up the atmosphere or rearrange the water droplets or change all the temperatures…

  4. oops my bad. but YES it is possible to manipulate the weather, the government has been doing it since the 60’s. thats ok. just stay calm……

  5. Celery, please educate yourself. investigate the HAARP project. among others…

  6. hey there all i was just reading up on water shortage crises and mobile water units and i couldnt find anything anywhere in the world and i found this website a small engineering company in new zealand? and it displays products they sell and theyve got listed desalination units? i enquired about these units and they can make them biger and to order and they claim they can produce 1 litre of fresh clean h2o out of salt water pond, lake, river water e.t.c for 0.0015 cents USD. i mean isnt that cheap? or is there anything out there more economical then these advertised units? could someone maybe whos researched this let me no?

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