Alphabet soup

I dont know when it became mainstream but we as a society have begun to resort to abbreviations, and in many cases, merely acronyms.   This is particularly prevalent in the medical field, but Ive seen it in many areas.  Our culture has become so consumed with efficiency that we sacrifice clarity for brevity.

For example:  My daughter tells me I am OCD (she’s a nurse) and I have also been diagnosed ADD/ADHD.  These are common acronyms that we all know stand for something much more clinical sounding but too stinking long to say in a sentence!  We shorten phrases like “President of the US” to POTUS, or “Supreme Court of the US” to SCOTUS.  Some acronyms have been around for awhile, like USMC or even USSR.  Our States all have 2-letter abbreviations.  Texting has amplified this trend still further.  In the interests of saving money, vowels are thrown out and whenever possible, numbers substitute for parts of words.  One of the first, (and best) examples Ive seen of this was an album by Van Halen:  OU812.  Hilarious!

Im not bringing this up because Im against it, in many cases I applaud it.  Sometimes I think that the previous generations took words and language too seriously.  Why not make it work for US instead of making us slaves to IT?

Just a thot (<—-case in point)


~ by irishgrl on March 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Alphabet soup”

  1. Personally, I like language far too much to crumble down to using acronyms all the time. Have never heard of “POTUS” or “SCOTUS”. I always just say The President or The Supreme Court. I like words, the way they sound, the way they look. They’re…expressions.
    And acronyms cut that down.
    I can’t even say “LOL”, because it just seems so…hallow. “LOLOLOLOLOLOL” is, of course, totally different, seeing as it actually means something other than “ha that was slightly funny only not” because “LOLOLOLOLOL” is “like OMG that was horribly stupid/funny/great and yet I’m being totally sarcastic right now”.
    I don’t know, just, acronyms are….not worth it. The english language will be brought down to the simple combination of letters instead of the the thoughtful combination of letters to form a word, which in turn form a sentence, a paragraph, a full thought. Whereas the acronmym cuts that down, and has a whole sentence in three or four letters.
    ….I guess I just haven’t caught on yet. 😛

  2. I like words too, dont get me wrong! This is just a trend I’ve noticed becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on…

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