Ive been remiss in my Reinhardt postage, because first of all, Ive had other things on my mind.  When I went back today to see what his site had to say, I was shocked to see that he’s gone commercial.  You cant view his site or have access to his prognostications unless you shell out $720 smackeroos…how he came up with THAT number I dont know.  Perhaps its an algorithm that correlates to 52 weeks somehow?  Anyway, I dont have that kind of discretionary income, and I dont know many who do.  In fact, in a time of economic downturn, I am incredibly surprised that Reinhardt thinks his cryptic puzzles are WORTH that kind of $$!!    I mean, REALLY!  Most folks are doing good to pay the rent and eat for crying out loud!!

I am a California State employee, at the County level.  Ive had other things on my mind lately, financially speaking.  As I posted on a forum I monitor for Reinhardt info:

I dont know about Reinhardt’s latest prediction, in fact, Im totally disappointed in him that he’s turned into a money pit…

I havent really been following the stocks, Im actually too concerned about a meltdown much closer to home:  The collapse of the California economy.  Governor Schwarzenegger has said the Legislature has until 2/13 to come up with a new budget.  I dont know if that is gonna happen or not, but Ive heard from the CAO of my county that we can only “float” for two months, then all hell breaks loose.  That means no money to pay the employees in the state, no money to pay for the services, no money period.  we are at a total red button crisis mode right now.

The reason this is important, is that California is the 6th largest economy in the world, and the 3rd largest in the US.
if California goes under, Im afraid the ripples will travel to the edges of the “pond” ie, the USA.

So….Im no Reinhardt, but Im thinking that if folks want to see what is gonna happen, pay attention to California.  Pray we get a budget passed.  Because the alternative is unthinkable.  JM

So….Ive heard that Reinhardt has predicted February is important, several dates have come and gone and we’re still limping along (Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss)…with many campaign promises unkept and many bright hopes dashed.  Obama’s Attorney General has apparently decided to adopt the same “state secrets” position as the former Bush administration re: Gitmo, and I know that the ACLU is completely tore up about it.  After all, Obama campaigned on the idea that he was an instrument for CHANGE and apparently that was just rhetoric.  Anyway….the point is, there is not much discernible difference on the surface between the outgoing Bush regime and the incoming Obama regime.

And Reinhardt’s predictions for February?  apparently NOT related to finances…..Here in California, I’d beg to differ.  I dont think it takes a “student of history” (as Reinhardt claims to be) or a mystic to predict the coming National meltdown that could occur from the potential financial meltdown of California.   After all, the collapse of the world’s 6th largest economy is BOUND to have SOME repercussions.


~ by irishgrl on February 11, 2009.

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