Wally Herger sends me an email

I received this “update” email from my Congressman, Wally Herger:

February 2009

E-Update on the Budget and Fiscal Responsibility: Those Who Don’t Learn From History Are Doomed to Make Things Worse


I wanted to let you know that I spoke before the House of Representatives yesterday regarding the outrageous amounts of spending included in the Democrats’ stimulus plan. The Senate is expected to vote on the bill today and I will continue to voice my concerns should the bill continue in its current form. If you would like to watch my brief speech, please click here.

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Here is my response:

Im completely baffled at how you can spin the bailout as the fault of the Democrats!!! MY GOD, Congressman, I dont think you could be in any more denial if you tried! The BAILOUT, its genesis, its aftermath and even the circumstances that gave birth to the financial failure belong completely at the fault of the Republican party, its corrupt and misguided leadership and the complete disregard for transparency and accountability. When you loosen oversight, treat outright theft with a nod and a wink and then come begging to the taxpayers for help to pay for a crisis not of their making, all I can say is, your days in politics are numbered. Eventually, folks will wake up and decide you DONT represent them after all, and you may find yourself on the losing side of a future election.

Somehow, I dont think he’s gonna appreciate getting THAT message….I have to hand it to him tho, he does respond to EVERY email or letter Ive ever sent. We may disagree on our politics, but the man does reach out.


~ by irishgrl on February 10, 2009.

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