CA mothers who would like to participate in Judicial Focus Group please read:

Many of you know I have been involved with child advocacy groups as an outgrowth of my own Family Law fight to protect my son. One of the groups, California Protective Parents, has forwarded the following message regarding an opportunity for mothers who have been victimized by the CA Family Law court system to offer their personal experiences and feedback, in an anonymous format, and with no possibility of repercussion. If you would like to participate, please contact Kathleen Russell at the number provided:

Dear Friends,
This message is from Kathleen Russell. We urge you to call the contractor Ceres at 831-425-4608 to participate in the focus group. If you are not able to attend in person, please complete the questions and submit them to the Elkins Family Law Task Force at
In response to a lot of pressure being brought to bear by us on the CA Judicial Council Elkins Family Law Task Force, the Task Force has approached CJE and CPPA to solicit our help in recruiting up to 10 mothers to participate in a focus group in San Francisco about your family court experience. They will give participants a $75 gift card for participating, and you should allow for 2 hours.
The group will take place on Friday, Feb 20th from 10am-12 noon. Please contact Ceres at 831-425-4608 for more information and to confirm your eligibility to participate in the focus group. Please see the attached brochure for more details. I recommend that you act quickly if you want to be sure there is room for you, since they will limit the group to 10 Moms.
They have repeatedly and confidently assured us that your comments will be treated anonymously, and that you will not face retaliation in court for any of the things you might say about the courts in these focus groups (they have systems in place to only identify comments by numbers, ie Litigant #1, etc and there will not be videotapes made). The results of these focus groups will help guide the recommendations that come out of the Elkins Family Law Task Force. This group is restricted to mothers only, since they did a fathers-only group in Pasadena, CA that we found out about.
(there were a series of questions listed, but I didnt think it appropriate to list them here. Im sure Kathleen can give you more info should you be chosen to participate)

Kathleen Russell
W 415-459-9211, Ext. 28
C 415-250-1180
Telling Stories, Moving Mountains

Im seriously thinking of participating , even by mail….


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