Where to start?  Ive been thru the wringer with this cat:  There was the time he almost lost an eye getting into a fight with something (it was dark and I could only HEAR the fight).  I was so worried about him…I held him and nursed him, and he made it through (Thank GAWD!).  Then there was the time two of his front teeth were pulled outward, as if they were yanked out of their sockets somehow.  That was pretty ghastly, but he came thru that ok too.  Silly cat, I guess he’s fighting Irish too (talk about self-fulfilling prophecy eh?).  Used to be, I only had boy cats.  But little by little, new cats adopted me and now I have 3 girl cats and only O’Brien left to represent the boy cats.  Girl cats are a pain.  And they SPRAY!!!  And they’re CRANKY!!  I wish I had just boy cats again, but what are ya gonna do?  O’Brien is about 12 years old now I think.  Yeah.  I just did the math.  He’ll be 13 in May.  And he’s such a goon.  He hides out in my closet. Yesterday, I went into my closet and called his name and he peeked out at me from between my Blazers.  Of course, Brendan had to get into the act too:






That last one is my favorite 🙂

I love you O.B.


~ by irishgrl on January 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “O’Brien”

  1. Kitty! Kiddy!

  2. Oh Justin, that was pretty clever! (and you were up EARLY!)

  3. That was totally awesome, And how you nursed him back to health that is just great. I love cats myself. And My KuddleBu is my pride and joy.Cats rock!!!!

  4. Thanks for commenting Angie, I hope you’ll take a look around and tell me what you think 🙂

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