Urban Dictionary: “Pathetic” (if it aint an entry, it OUGHTA BE!)



They treat fucking HORSE TEETH with CARE! (you suppose they treat the other end the same way???)


There ya go you EQUINE EEJITS.


If any of you ever grow a frigging backbone and want to go head to head, BRING IT ON

(I wouldnt doubt it if they copied this, they aren’t capable of an original thought between them)


~ by irishgrl on January 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Urban Dictionary: “Pathetic” (if it aint an entry, it OUGHTA BE!)”

  1. I have no idea WHAT such a forum would be about, but saying “we treat fucking horseteeth with care” isn’t really something I’d be bragging about….

  2. exacterly 😛

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