Did ya hear the one about Obama?

I believe I am the only person on the planet who has not seen or heard any clips of Obama’s inauguration.  We cant do any streaming content from work and I was far too busy anyway even if I wanted to…I called my daughter who said she watched the speech and her summation?  “Well, he’s still alive….”


Think about that for a minute.  I know several people who said basically the same thing, as if they were all expecting some crazed gunman from a grassy knoll somewhere to take aim and snuff out the President on his Inaugural day.  Rumors and angry mutterings are all over the internet, speculation is rampant that Obama is somehow wearing an invisible bullseye.  I hope his security is hyper-vigilant.  I hope he has the strongest Kevlar underwear the FBI can supply him with.  I hope he has 3 guardian angels.  I hope this man stays safe for as long as he holds office.   And thats all Im gonna say about that.


~ by irishgrl on January 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Did ya hear the one about Obama?”

  1. I say….well, I don’t know what I say.
    But I do know that multiple people in my school were saying the same thing.

    Then again, my school is full of hicks. 😛

  2. Agreed. Like a write-in to a local newspaper said, “Obama cannot walk on water but he may prove to wade surprisingly well.”

  3. I applaud too!!!

  4. (Im sure Horsemanity will have a field day with this but…)

  5. …that’s not a big post!!!!!
    But yes.

  6. Aight.
    Nuff Said.

    On second thought, you need to re-read everything that was written. You are WRONG about what was mentioned first.

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