Isnt it exciting boys and girls? After all these years, I am getting visits from a group that thoroughly hates me, and may I say, the feeling is eminently mutual!

I admit to being a bit nonplussed, I cant fathom a single reason why they would seek me out–out of ALL the potential targets in this drafty old ‘verse, apparently I am their FAVORITE (takes a moment to gag a bit in my mouth) Still, this constitutes an honor of sorts, in an ass-backwards sort of way…and yet, I cant help but think that their pathetic little lives have been way too tame without me to stir them up into a mob-like frenzy of bile and verbal vomit.

Even now, I am sure, these wags are busily posting links to this post and other posts, gleefully picking me apart in absentia. Secure in their protected little Horsemanity fortress, where they can pick and choose who can enter. Well, I salute your *cough* bravery. Please, feel free to visit any time you like, make fun of me all you want, and know that I am not a COWARD like each of you. MY site is open to you. MY site allows unmoderated comments. Even yours.

(edited out horsey picture, but here’s something even nicer):




~ by irishgrl on January 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “HELLO to the HORSEMANITY Crowd!”

  1. You know the little PUSSY’S can’t handle the truth! That little CUNT michelle is probably out sucking cock for rent money.


  2. Oh LORD I love you Andre!

  3. ps: take a gander at the sewage that inhabits my “or not” thread…

  4. hey mom your site is very funny, me and emily are having a laugh at your page. Keep up the good work, dont let me catch you slacken.
    love you homer…

  5. Ah, the red-headed step-child and friend! (just kidding my girlz, nice to see you visiting!)

  6. by the way, log in under your OWN name next time 😛

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