Starting the New Year off…different

well, lets just say that I have the willpower of a noodle about some things apparently.  The things I intended to resolve to do better, I’ve already (3 days into the year!) slacked on.   And, of course, I am wracked with guilt.  Already.  Then came my epiphany.

My daughter left one of her magazines at my house and I was reading some of the articles, and one dealt with a gal who had resolved in years past to lose weight, and every year failed, which left her feeling bad about herself.  She then had a revelation: to start liking herself just the way she was.  She said her self image was all wrapped up in the things she didn’t like about herself, and she decided to concentrate on the things she DID like, and to start  seeing herself differently.  Apparently, that made all the difference!  She started complimenting her reflection in the mirror, bought a new wardrobe that flattered her figure’s good points and stopped hiding behind bulky unflattering clothes.  She built her confidence level and took that new confidence with her when she moved to New York.

I like that idea.  I need to see myself differently too.  I want to do what she did, and create a new appreciation for the me that I AM, not the me I wish I was…I know a girlfriend at work does that very thing, and she is a very VERY alluring and lovely lady and she is not fashion model thin.  BUT: she has confidence, and it comes with a sort of charisma that folks find attractive….so, I think instead of my usual “Im gonna change the way I am” resolutions, I think I’ll make some “I will appreciate these qualities I already have” resolutions, and see how I can exhibit them to their best advantage.  Now, I just have to figure out what my best qualities are!


~ by irishgrl on January 3, 2009.

5 Responses to “Starting the New Year off…different”

  1. Yes.
    [/Moose impersonation]

  2. If I could choose another personality, I’d choose Mooses too. I think its his cheese love that first hooked me…

  3. …That’s not what I meant.
    He randomly says “yes” to posts and whatnot, when he agrees with them.
    That’s what I was doing. 😛

  4. I knew that….I guess I should have said that differently. oh well.

  5. Oh. Okay!!

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