Star Trek!!


I just saw the 2nd trailer for the upcoming Star Trek movie, and I have to say, I CANT WAIT for that movie!  Ive always been a huge fan of the original series, but this movie has an excitement that the previous big screen Star Trek  movies have lacked.   And, even though I am a William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy fan, I think that JJ Abrams has done an outstanding job based on the material Ive seen so far.  Yes I know Shatner and Abrams have been having a YouTube war regarding a cameo for Shatner, and I consider that unfortunate.  I wish Abrams would have found a way to write him in, the way Spock was written in.

Still, I think Gene Roddenberry (and his recently deceased wife Majel) would approve of whats been done with their baby–speaking as a fan of  30+ years, I am totally consumed with anticipation, as I am sure every other Original Series fan is.  Every time I hear the lead in music for the intro, I get filled with an inexplainable feeling, a cross between joy and awe and LOVE (for lack of a better word).  I think Star Trek was one of my first obsessions, because I collected all the novellas, novels, magazines, posters, and had autographed pictures from some of the original cast members.  I have the entire original series on DVD and all the Movies too (not the Next Generation ones, I hate Picard!)  I guess the thing I really liked about Star Trek was that it was ultimately (to me at least) about hope.  About possibility.


~ by irishgrl on December 26, 2008.

6 Responses to “Star Trek!!”

  1. :O

  2. ??? what you talking about willis????

  3. Ooh, new Capt Kirk is kinda cute. We’ll see if he has the charisma & gravitas of The Shatner, though.

  4. I know there was at least one other TOS fan on the Ledge, but I cant remember who it was…(Shatner as a young man was cute IMO) Anyway, you may want to take a peek at the trailer link I provided, its pretty exciting!

  5. Think that was Ryan8472. He said you were ERRONEOUS on something or other not being considered canonical. 😉

  6. Oh yeah, Ryan (!!) Eggz Erroneous! Sorry had an Ernest goes to Camp moment there….hmmm I cant remember the exact nature of what it was he might have been referring to, but based on your memory of his comment, I must’ve brought in something from one of the Novels about the history. I have a feeling that whatever I said THEN is about to go from the realm of “fanon” to canon, thus, as usual I will get the last laff on THAT issue!!

    Your memory is SCARY Justin, SCARY.

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