The night before the night before Xmas…


Isnt that just hilarious?  I think I know how he feels!

Here it is 2 days away from Xmas and I dont have any of my presents wrapped.  Problem is, I need to do it when my son isnt around because I’d like to keep the magic and wonder of Xmas for him as long as I can.  This calls for drastic measures.  I think Im going to ask my daughter to keep him over night so I can wrap the stuff that needs wrapping.  I swear, I dont know where the time goes!  Seems like only a couple of weeks ago it was Thanksgiving, and only a couple of weeks before that Halloween.  Is it me or does the last part of the year zoom by while the first part drags butt?  And its HELL when part of the family lives elsewhere, because then you have to ship stuff, and thats a pain, because for me, I dont have enough time to get to the post office after work.  With only a 1/2 hr lunch, I dont have time then either…Im not trying to be a Bah Humbug, really Im not!  Even if Im experiencing technical difficulties, I still try to instill in my son the spirit of Xmas, the wonder and joy and magic–because to me, thats what transforms it from a mass present exchange into something special.  Like the message in the Polar Express, about BELIEVING.  Well, even at my age, I BELIEVE.


~ by irishgrl on December 23, 2008.

8 Responses to “The night before the night before Xmas…”

  1. Antlers. Does he attack you with them?

  2. no. that’d be too obvious. Cats are far too subtle for that…..

  3. yes.

  4. I just wanna say Thx Moose. for everything…

  5. HA love that cat. Agree on the importance of the non-commercialized giving, joyful spirit of Christmas.

  6. speaking of which, thank you so much for the card I got it saturday 🙂 AND it had a cat on it! I like how the cat had 2 different colored eyes…its the unusual, the unique that appeals to me, which perhaps you knew instinctively eh?

  7. Yes and I also picked it for ya ‘cuz it had snow outside!

  8. I didnt even notice that, I couldnt get past the David Bowie eyes!!

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