The sky is falling…

This actually happened Saturday night, but I’m writing it early Sunday morning just to get it down and see if any news stories pop up…

Last night (11/15/08) I went outside to see if my solar driveway lights (you know, the ornamental ones that line your driveway or walkway) were working. Sadly, they were not. I dont know why, but I happened to look up at the sky and I was marveling at how bright the stars were and how pretty the night sky looked when suddenly, almost directly above, I saw a flaming trail appear, an object left a bright orange streak in the sky—similar to a falling star, but much closer. I watched for a few seconds until it disappeared, and I waited for a boom, or an explosion or something, but nothing ever came. I dont know what I saw, but it definitely had a bright “head” on it, and a very long streak “tail”. it was bright, light orange (“flame colored”)

I dont know what I saw, but I dont remember reading about any space debris supposed to be falling, and if it was a plane going down, why didnt I hear a boom? I dont know, it was very freaky, and I dont like being freaked out. I hope it wasnt a plane, I’d hate to think I witnessed a death 😦  Also, I guess I should mention that I live in the mountains on the Eastern side of CA, approximately even with Reno, NV.  I only add that to give a frame of reference since I may not have been the only one to witness the streak….

UPDATE: As it happens, I saw that folks in Canada saw something that was amazingly similar to what I saw…. here is a LINK to a video of the meteor the Canadians saw…


~ by irishgrl on November 16, 2008.

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  1. eek maybe the alliterations have disrupted the balance of letter usage in the sky… or something similar to that…

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