voter-approved Gay marriage ban in CA could be overturned

I hope this has legs:

SAN FRANCISCO (Map, News) – More than one-third of California‘s lawmakers are adding their voices to the chorus calling on the state’s highest court to overturn the prohibition on same-sex marriage approved by voters last week.

Forty-four members of the California Legislature filed a friend-of-the-court brief Monday in support of a lawsuit seeking to invalidate Proposition 8 on the grounds that voters did not have the authority to make such a dramatic change in state law.

The brief argues that the gay marriage ban improperly usurped the state Supreme Court’s duty to protect minority groups from discrimination. Proposition 8 overturned the court’s May decision that legalized same-sex marriage.

Senate President Pro Tempore Don Perata and Assembly Speaker Karen Bass are among the signers.

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Im a firm believer in separation of Church and State. The fundamentalists behind this discriminatory law need to be shown once and for all that the only morality they are responsible for is their OWN. And NO, Im not gay but I support their right to do as they wish in their own lives. Just like I believe in Religious freedom and freedom of choice for women regarding reproduction etc. As I said, I hope this effort has legs.


~ by irishgrl on November 11, 2008.

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  1. AMEN!!!

  2. ((((hugs)))) to my partner in Ledgie Crime 🙂 Ive missed you my friend~ Thx for visiting. ps: look at some of my first posts for racy stuff…

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