Letter to Obama–Change I’d LIKE to see

Now that Obama is elected, Im seriously considering writing him a letter with suggestions of change I think this country is long overdue for….for example, I’d ask him to consider taxing corporations that outsource, and tacking on a fee for selling goods back inside the US, and forbid them from passing that cost back to us. I’d ask him to repeal all of the draconian credit penalties and loosen bankruptcy laws again. I’d ask him to repeal as many of Bush’s laws as possible (yes I know they were passed by Congress, but Bush and Co were marching lockstep with big business all along). I’d ask him to restore funding levels to social service programs, and the arts and the sciences. To restore all previous corporate oversight regulations and to re-institute laws against monopolies. Force Corporations or Companies who are a monopoly to split up, the way Ma Bell split up into Pacific Bell and Bell South and so on…I’d start with the Media, the TV networks, and the Radio Networks. I’d Hire on Karl Denninger as a consultant or make him a member of my cabinet. That man has sensible ideas. I’d restore protections to public lands, and endangered species, and forbid any drilling for oil or timber harvesting in wildlife preserves or national forests.

Last but not least, I’d make St. Patrick’s day (and Halloween!) National holidays! (come on, we need Holidays in those months!)


~ by irishgrl on November 7, 2008.

7 Responses to “Letter to Obama–Change I’d LIKE to see”

  1. The ACLU already sent him a SIZABLE document with a lot of good ideas. He’ll probably read that one 🙂

  2. Maybe if I gave myself a high-falutin’ sounding name, whaddya think?

  3. I’d tell ‘im to come out and tell them the truth. Obama never would have won had it not been for his economy scam. McCain nor Bush nor even any politician had anything to do with the economy failing. The banking companies just took bad chances on the housing market guys. Now ’cause he said McCain voted with Bush a few times, people blindly vote for him. He cuts the Bush tax-cut bill, lowers taxes a bit, but they’re still higher. I’d tell him to EAT CHEESE, too. That’ll make him happier.

  4. I disagree. Bush and co created the deregulation that ALLOWED those damn bankers to play fast and loose with our money. They gave those bahstids the green light all while turning a blind eye to the problems they were creating AND THEN, instead of slapping their hand like they SHOULD have done (and like the credit companies lobbied to have done to us) they give them even MORE money as a frigging reward!

    As for eating cheese, I eat it fairly regularly, but lately it hasnt helped my happiness quotient any, sadly 😦

  5. I suggest Pepperjack. That always makes me feel better. Yellow Cheddar’s not bad, either.

  6. mmm, happiness.

  7. Im thinking Limburger would be a fitting revenge upon certain petty annoyances who inhabit my space. (effing neighbors come to mind…) Perhaps I could even offer to share? Wouldnt that be neighborly of me?

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