Here we go….

I write this in the infancy of the day, in the wee hours while most sane folk are happily asleep. I prefer this time of night actually, all is quiet and its just me, the computer and the cats. (yes, ALL the cats, for those of you that are keeping track!)

Anyway, as I said, I am sitting here contemplating the potential that this day represents…and wondering what will be greeting this Nation at day’s end (or even tomorrow morning?) Who knows, we may have a long drawn out drama like we did in the sham that was the “election” of 2000….but I hope not. I hope we get a clear answer, and I hope we get real change. This country NEEDS it. I certainly dont envy the person who has to clean up 8 years of Republican misrule. MiGAWD, but that’s gonna take some serious attention.

So, I’ll vote for Obama (and put my Hillary comment at the bottom) and cross my fingers and wait like the rest of America to see what the day brings.

(Im also voting NO on 8 and NO on 4 here in CA. sheesh. folks need to stay out of other folks’ personal lives. they just DO)


~ by irishgrl on November 4, 2008.

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