Random updates

1) The JOB front: Ive tested for 2 new positions now, Assessment Clerk, and Investigative Assistant. I got my test results for the Assessment Clerk position and I made band 2 (the top 3 bands get the first interviews). I dont know the results of my second test, but I should hear shortly. I would be happy with either job, but Investigative Assistant would be so cool….helping out in the courtroom or with investigations would be awesome!  UPDATE:  I received my test results for Investigative Assistant, Im in band 3.  Not as good as I had hoped, but I still get that interview.

2) Dang cats: My wandering O’Brien is at this moment home. Im keeping him in. The house where he’s been sleeping has been chained and posted No Tresspassing, allegedly as a safety issue. Since my effing neighbors are spying on me, I know I mustn’t go into that yard to get him. I had basically written him off, but this morning he startled me as I was watering the plants on my porch. I went and got some food and grabbed him when he came to eat it. In my head, I want to strangle this cat for causing me to worry, and for putting me in a vulnerable position with my effing neighbors. I already have Kwan Yin (Gremlin) inside, and she hates it but again, I dont want her over at the neighbors’ houses. So. All my cats are indoors. That should be fun….only one very large catbox. I suspect its about to get very full, very soon. Yay.

3) Effing neighbors: Someone left a gallon of milk on my steps the other day. If I knew for sure who left it there, I’d be returning it (especially if its the scarecrow next door to me). I think it was her husband, who seems to be staying OUT of the catfighting between us gals. I hope so anyway. Im not sure why the milk was left, was someone insinuating I dont buy milk for my son? Or was it left with good intentions? I dont know, and in the end, I took it in and froze it. But, I will make certain that the scarecrow knows I want nothing to do with her the minute she attempts to be a phony “good neighbor” again.

4) My brainy car (how could I have forgotten that??) Yes, gentle readers, its back in the shop. All seemed fine until I got home on friday night, after picking up my son from the after school program….I pulled into my driveway and put it in park and I couldnt pull the key out of the effing ignition!!! I called the dealership that last repaired my car and they said “bring it in, we’ll set you up with a rental car” So I did. and Im still driving it. A week later. Not only that, the car Im borrowing is a Toyota Yaris. 2 seater. I hate this car. Nothing is where you’d think it would be, and I dont own a car this new (my brain car is a 2004) so some of the controls are unfamiliar to me. For example, my window controls have buttons with up and down arrows on them. The Yaris doesnt. it just has a plain button. I figured out how to get the window down but I couldnt see how to get the window up!! We were on the freeway and the window is wide open blasting cold air on my son in the backseat, and he’s yelling at me to put it UP! and Im panicking trying to figure out how to get it up while keeping my eyes on the road, and I finally figured out that you pull UP on the button. Well. Go ahead and laff, I know you want to…and another thing, the master control for all the locks is on the floor between the seats. Wazzup with THAT anyway? The only good thing about the Yaris is the headlights are really bright and really light up the road. I like that a LOT. Anyway, I called the dealership a couple of days ago and they told me they broke off the ignition key inside the ignition. YAY! I now need another ignition and ignition key. The only good thing is, Im not paying for it. Nor am I paying to use the rental car. I do have to put the gas in it tho…and the gas mileage isnt as good as I thought it would be (DANG).

Ah well, such is life in the soap opera world I live in…

~ by irishgrl on October 30, 2008.

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