Mad Face–Also Vomit Smiley (effing Neighbors)

I just got into it earlier with my ASSHAT neighbor who is feeding my cats.  Oh and my other ASSHAT neighbor who is the neighborhood busybody too.  I went over to ask my one neighbor to stop feeding my cats because they have no reason to come home if she does that, and she said she had arranged to feed HER neighbor’s cat until she came back to get her hopefully by this weekend.  My son piped up and said MOM!  tell her to quit feeding our cat!  To which she made some smart assed answer so I said “that was real sensitive Suzie, he’s upset over his cat and thats how you act”  And she got all huffy and said it wasnt her fault, and I said of course it was, if she hadnt started feeding my cats in her yard, I wouldnt have to go over there to get them…THEN, the horsefaced wench who lives next door to me had to butt her big nose in and add her 2cents and me being me, we all 3 ended up arguing in the street.  I hate my neighbors.    

~ by irishgrl on October 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mad Face–Also Vomit Smiley (effing Neighbors)”

  1. And this is why I like living in the middle of nowhere.
    Wait, we know all our neighbors…..
    Okay, so this is why I like living in the middle of nowhere, less neighbors to deal with.
    Then again, we do have the crazy lady over there, and never know what’s gonna be goin’ on. But the one neighbor lady is really nice.
    I dunno.
    Maybe you’re just in the wrong neighborhood.

  2. well, I dont exactly live in the suburbs or the city. I live in a mountain town, and most of the time folks mind their own business. I just happen to have neighbors who still act like they’re in highschool. Jerkwads. The neighbor I had an argument with, had the nerve to come over to lecture my son. I told her off and she left.
    She made some threats when she left. Sigh. This is just effing ridiculous.

  3. I know just what you mean — effing neighbors! On one side of me I have a really nice couple with two small kids (OK, the husband is a bit wierd but he is nice enough and his wife is sweet and I just LOVE their kids). But they are moving — OH NO!!! and who knows who I will inherit next!??!?

    On the other side of me is the nuthouse (really!) an old apartment building that is completely government-sponsored… some of the tenants are OK, but there are a few doozies — like the guy who hangs naked out of his third-story window on Sunday mornng and shouts profanity at the birds (YES, the birds) who are making too much racket to let him sleep… Or the very loud-mouthed gal who absolutely delights in arguing with anybody over anything — in the middle of the parking lot and at the top of her lungs! Last week I counted 72 F-Bombs in a single shouting contest!!!

    And then there are the neighbors across the street — they are both nice but Hank is a drunk and looks about as pregnant as the Octo-Mom did (only he is never going to give birth )… He runs a construction business so his property always looks like a junkyard, and he hires the most motly and raunchy crew he can find — and of course, they all have to sit around and drink beer under the tree all afternoon when it gets to hot to work…

    Actually, I can’t complain about Hank and his crew — they do provide a good bit of entertainment, especially when one of the real nut cases comes over and gets all macho with his crew and then there’s a fight in the front yard and I have front-row seats on my porch!

    The folks next to Hank are a bit strange as well — I have absolutely nothing against fat women (being one myself) however, I do prefer to see them fully clothed … the 400 pounder across the street, however, loves to suntan in her front yard wearing a bikini with a thong bottom — she actually had to prove to the police one time that she had it on because you can’t see it as it is completely covered up by the folds… UGH!

    Oh well, I have lived so many places in my life with lots and lots of strange folks nearby, that for the most part I just keep my eyes open and my mouth shut…

    except for the nasty little girl down the street that delights in kicking my rocks over every day — I finally put up a wrought-iron corner fence around them and told her I had a 12-volt truck battery hooked to it so if she touched my rocks again it would burn off all her braids and she would get the shock of her life! My rocks haven’t been touched since .

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