Sad Face.

My oldest cat, O’Brien, wont come home. Why should he? He’s now got a porch across the street all to himself, no rambunctious boy to scare him, no other pesky cats to hiss at him (my latest adoptee, Shao Lin, hisses at him all the time, dangit) and he has his very own box with towel and also regular feedings from HER next door neighbor…..I’ve mentioned to my neighbor that my cat wont come home, and she says “well take the box, its ok” as if all he wants is the box…she apparently doesnt realize that by her feeding him, she’s basically making it so he has no reason to come home. And then my next oldest cat Kwan Yin (the Gremlin) does what O’Brien does, so now I have 2 cats who wont come home…Im just really bummed right now. Here’s my two runaways:

Im thinking it may change when the weather changes, but then, who knows? I’ll keep you posted.

~ by irishgrl on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “Sad Face.”

  1. -Sorry it doesn’t say what it normally says for the who-by, I’m not logged in and too lazy to do it, but it’s me I swear!-

    I’m sorry about your kitties. My cat would never go outside, it’s a scardy-cat, literally.
    But I’m assuming they’ll come back sometime. Most animals do, from what I’ve heard/learned.

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