The Brain is HOME! and other newz…

Yes! my brainy car is HOME! I can see her outside my window, sitting there like she was never gone 🙂 Of course, tempermental to the end, she had to give me one last headache before driving her home. Here’s how it all started (insert wavy screen graphics here reminiscent of 70’s sitcoms):

This morning I went to take that test I mentioned earlier in the week–you know, the one for a position other than the position I now have. Anyway, as usual, I was early, and I figured I’d call the dealership where my car was being repaired to get a status update. Well! imagine my surprise when I was told that it was finished late last night and that I could come pick it up! So, after verifying the price tag (much less than I feared, thx to the mechanic who negotiated a deal for me) and arranging with one of my daughters to go with me, I went into the testing room with a lighter heart….because I knew I’d have my car back today!

So, I get into the testing room, and verify that I have the right to be there, and I notice on the testing roster the name of a co-worker who has been on leave for quite some time. Honestly, I was thrilled to see her name because even though she and I didnt hang out together, I missed her laugh and her moxy (look it up!). When she came into the room, I waved to her and she checked in and came and sat at my table. We had a few moments to catch up and I realized that we were both there for the same reason–to find a way to part company with the job we now have (we have the same job classification). In that short time span I realized a lot of things: Management is on a mission. Budget cuts have forced them to resort to witch hunts throughout the department which would either get rid of substandard workers or workers who are undesireable for other reasons, which may or may not be apparent at first glance. I myself suspect that I have managed to piss off someone fairly highly placed because my relationship with management has become strained in the last 3 years. In the past, the issue thrown in my face was my interpersonal skills; I tend to be fairly straightforward and havent learned the fine art of tact. Well, Ive worked hard on that and I think I turned a corner, so now, Management has decided to criticize my work–work which has never had a whiff of stink until I joined a new unit about 6 months ago. Now, I cant do anything right. The funny thing is, the person who is now reviewing my work is the same person who reviewed my work all along and is only NOW getting so particular. You know things are bad when even the Union Steward thinks something is fishy. She told me that even SHE can see Im being ultra-criticized.

Ok. I finish my test and my co-worker joins me outside and we chat for a good hour and a half! Folks, as bad as I think management is coming down on me, they are coming down on her even HARDER. My GAWD, the picayune offenses she has been written up for nearly floored me! FLOORED ME! I have to pause a moment here and say to her (if she visits this site) : Girl, if I had known, I would have offered to stand by you through this. And help. in any way I can. (offer still stands!) Like I said, I didnt run in her circles, but Im not gonna let that stop me from offering my hand in friendship (or my shoulder or my ear, or whatever) and say: we can walk this path together if you like….

Ok. so, I go home, I get my daughter ( I need her to drive one of my cars while I drive the other) and we go back to get my car. On the way to the dealership, we spot the beginnings of a small grass fire just past the Community College. We stop and get out and we sprinkle our tea on the fire and stomp out the embers and I crushed dirt clods and threw them on the fire. we called 911. a couple of older men were there too and the 4 of us were stomping away on this fire. Granted, it wasnt dangerous where it was because a fire break was already created. But in case any of you remember, this past summer had 2 very large fires sweep across our town resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. The last thing we wanted was another fire to jump the road and gobble up any more vegetation. Eventually, the fire department came and the water trucks and they put it out. It was mostly out anyway, but we were sure glad to see them. My daughter’s shoes melted from the stomping she did. My crocs were blackened, but they survived. My socks however, were black black black!

So, on we go to get my car. We bragged about our heroism to the mechanics who fixed my car, and we got nice cold cups of water for our efforts 🙂 Then, I pay the man, and got a nice surprise: my total was almost $40 cheaper than I expected! YAY!! Apparently the mechanic fixed things so that the first repair shop had to pay for the 2nd installation. So, we get my keys and we each get in one of my cars and…………………………..

yep. it wouldnt start!!! ARRRRRRGH!!! Apparently, the battery had run down! so, we get a quick jump and FINALLY FINALLY we are on our way. So, the Brain is home. I have a bit of milk money I wasnt counting on. I got to see an old friend (and I do mean OLD!!!! –just kidding girlfriend, Im right there with ya!!–) and I find that the Universe does sometimes come thru and gift us with positive energy. And you know what? now that I know my friend is applying for this job we tested for today, I am gonna pray like crazy that she gets it.

Crossing my fingers for you, girlie 😉

~ by irishgrl on October 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Brain is HOME! and other newz…”

  1. Dang.
    Busy busy busy.
    But yay that the car’s fixed!
    And I hope all goes well with the jobs!

  2. Thx girlie, appreciate it 🙂 I have no idea what’s in store for me, but I sure hope its something better than what Im doing now…and YAY is right about the car! my gas bill is through the roof!

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