party hats optional….belated birthday and other newz

Thursday was my Birthday. A milestone. and yet, I couldnt even enjoy it because I was so freaked out about the crapola happening with the financial sector, the completely BOGUS bailout bill, and fear of shadow government activities and conspiracies all around……

I dont know what the future holds, but I think Im through stressing about “maybe’s” and “sure things” based on one or two lucky guesses……perhaps it wasnt guessing I dont know….but its too emotionally draining to keep up the adrenaline over pie in the sky rumors. Even if the “rumors” are true, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway (as my best bud keeps reminding me) If the worst happens and the market crashes or the banks go bankrupt, my paper money will be worthless anyway. All I am left with at this point is an uncomfortable feeling like I just bought 500 bottles of snake oil. Yay.

So, in the meantime, I think I’ll just concentrate on the things I CAN be sure of: the love of family and friends, and the security that comes with knowing that whatever life throws my way, at least I wont be facing it alone.

Here. have the piece of cake with the big frosting rose…thx for being here 🙂

~ by irishgrl on October 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “party hats optional….belated birthday and other newz”

  1. Happy birthday, then!!
    And yes, it’s terrible how things are going right now – it’s all a big gamble, with totally unknown outcomes, and it’s very stressful.
    In my own home, it’s bad, with my mom and dad doing something what I will not say (not illegal, but not something to plaster everywhere either). It’s tough. Very tough.

    I think you should take a day or two, just relax. It was your birthday after all.
    And, I give you back the piece with the frosted rose.

  2. thx sweetie, I appreciate it 🙂 sorry your folks are struggling, but hard times are coming for us all I think…and family is going to have to buck up and do the right thing IMO….I know its gonna be weird for some of us (me included), but ultimately thats gonna be our strength.

  3. January 2012, FTW.

    Grats again, by the way.

  4. what makes you so sure its JAN 2012? Ive seen other dates….
    at any rate….

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