NO BAILOUT! Sign the petition

folks, buried deep within the bailout legislation is language that reveals the bailout money is going to FOREIGN INVESTORS! This is for real

That’s correct, Brad Sherman (D-CA) was on Kudlow and explained to the world that the $700 Billion wasn’t meant for the US, it was meant for foreign investors.

please go to THIS SITE for more info….and if you are a registered voter, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!

~ by irishgrl on October 2, 2008.

7 Responses to “NO BAILOUT! Sign the petition”

  1. This is not a bail out, this is a new tax for all Americans. Isn’t it ironic that guys in $10,000 suits,driving Lamborghini and fly high with their own private jet are begging.That’s what they are doing…begging. Poor little rich guys; I’d like to see Paulson march in with that know it all attitude and demand some money from Mrs. What’s-her-name at the welfare office. He could see what kind of paperwork is submitted when you beg for money; so far they have submitted nothing tangible. Don’t give them the dough. Make them sell a stake in their companies. Banks, investment firms, insurance companies, you name it.Put the money in accounts to fund Social Security.

    It’s a electronic age Robin Hood,stealing from the poor and giving it to the wealthy.The same thing you always get with voodoo economics …… Nothing Good.

    When my cousin first arrived in America,he was impressed about people living in a very expensive houses and a nice car park in enclosed garage.I told him,Yes they have a nice house but they don’t welcome visitors.They are content with a can of sardines at dinner and boiled eggs for breakfast because mortgage alone eats up all their incomes.

    Now, they want bailout with taxpayers money? Before the taxpayers are asked to hand over a huge sum of money to be spent with little oversight, I would like to see those who caused this crisis to contribute first.

    We cannot let the traders and CEOs of Wallstreet pocket billions in salaries and bonuses, while asking the very same people these “financial wizards” have harmed with their risky practices give up their hard-earned money to sustain the lifestyle of the super-wealthy.

    If money is needed to support the economy, then we should ask those that created this crisis to contribute first.


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  2. Hey hey hey….We’re on the same page – yay!
    Anyway, I wrote about this…Just not logged into that account right now.
    <a href=””HERE
    Don’t ask about the url – just that’s where it is.
    Anyway, I WOULD sign the petition – IF I COULD VOTE!!!
    But noooo, I’m too young, stupid people not letting me vote…
    Makes me angry.

  3. And I fed up on the url. Sorry.
    And that should do it. 😛

  4. only one more year sweetie, and you can be part of the generation that FIXES this mess! Thats kind of exciting I think….

  5. True. But the next election is much farther away from that – by then it could be too late.

  6. but, but, we have that indefinable something called SPIRIT! we wont go quietly into that good night ya know?

  7. True. Again.
    But, that may not be enough.

    Either way…..the effort will be worth it, win or not.

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