Mass “chipping” of Americans has begun

I received an email today regarding the new enhanced Drivers Licenses available in NY. The sender considers it “mass chipping,” although the OFFICIAL explanation is that it will deter illegals and increase efficiency….

Decide for yourself:

I have mixed feelings about this….part of me appreciates the efficiency of this item, but another part of me detests the BIG BROTHER overtones…..and another thing…will possessing this enhanced ID bring new problems (ie folks having their ID’s stolen to create false ID’s?) Perhaps its the intermediary step before actual chip implantation at birth….who knows….I do think that illegals are a huge problem but I will address my feelings on that in another post.

~ by irishgrl on September 20, 2008.

One Response to “Mass “chipping” of Americans has begun”

  1. OH MY GOD….!!!!!
    I am so glad I don’t live in NY. Or anywhere near there. Such things won’t happen out here in the sticks, I think, but still, scary thought.
    Chips = Tracing = Big Brother to the EXTREME = the Government knows EVERYTHING = NO PRIVACY = Leaving the country.
    Ya, that’s just my take on it….. 😉

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