Reinhardt–because I can. And because he’s right.

Ive seen some uncanny “coincidences” within the last week, namely, predictions by a man called “Reinhardt” who has boldly called a spade a friggin spade in the murky, stinky world of securities, stocks, and religion!

WAIT! Religion you say???? YES, RELIGION. Because, if you think about it, what is the strongest motivating force on this Earth? Even stronger than our greed? Our single-minded march toward the supremacy of our theology (and the inverse march toward oblivion of competing theologies)

You might think this is schoolyard one-upmanship, but you’d be wrong. Make no mistake, there is a theological/ideological WAR being waged behind the scenes, and now, money is being appropriated from public sources, in a very public manner, to fund this final Armageddon.

Im posting some posts by Reinhardt, taken from a Google financial group, which introduce you to lengths to which the principal players are willing to go:

“Crash is in September.”
yup, and the negative news that will move the market downward should occur
Sept 15: this organization below.. runs the show
[link to]
the money laundering occurs just prior to the pilgrimage to rome and the checks are written during the pilgrimage and the checks clear by September 14 and the negative news leaks out (something along the lines of “insider trading on a mass scale at a major brokerage) then they start crossing the “t”s and dotting the “i”s on Sarbanes-Oxley II
SOX II will certainly protect the working class’ nest-eggs fur sure!

next: This is how you debase a securities market:
Note: For search purposes the date format is day/month/year (example:
24/05/1999 is read as May 24 1999).=
24/05/1999 Al Gore backs aid to faith-based groups in speech to Salvation Army facility in Atlanta.
The following is the political definition of “aid to faith-based groups”.
07/1999 Tyco wires $15 million to one of Kozlowski’s personal accounts and $10 million to a personal account of Mr. Schwartz.
22/07/1999 (WSJ316) Texas Gov. George W. Bush tells an Indianapolis audience that aid to faith-based groups will rally America’s “armies of compassion” to solve social ills (this is a biblical metaphor).
Here comes a little more of Gore & Bush’s “aid to faith-based groups”.
08/1999 $38.5 million bonus paid in the form of loan forgiveness to Schwartz ($12.5 million) and Kozlowski ($25 million) and $1 million to another person. Note: Phillip Hampton (“dead-man defense”) chairman of Tyco compensation committee. The accounts of Kozlowski, Belnick, and Schwartz are all being filled prior to the pilgrimage to Rome.
22/09/1999 Belnick files to sell 75,000 shares, worth an estimated $7.5 million, that he acquired through an exercise of options and from an employee benefit plan.
30/09/1999 (WSJ300) Belnick receives the first of several huge Tyco payments: $3.4 million from the sale of restricted company shares.
The same day!
30/09/1999 Members of the organization of Catholic businessmen begin their 1999 Pilgrimage to Rome with a Mass in the Church of Santo Spirito celebrated by Archbishop John Foley. The Pilgrimage lasts until October 07, 1999.
10/1999 Barbara Ley Toffler ends work at Arthur Anderson “four years to the day” after she started.
10/1999 (WSJ101) Frank Savage Joins Enron’s board. He will be a member of the board’s finance committee. He is also on the board of Lockheed Martin Corp. WSJ reports this is the day after Enron suspends ethics code for the second time. This move enables CFO Andrew Fastow to head two controversial partnerships that kept significant debt off of the books. Savage subsequently votes to create other off-balance sheet vehicles and suspends the ethics code a
third time. (note: the IRS conspired to allow Enron to avoid taxes since “Project Tanya” in 1996) Note: Harvard’s Toffler ended work with Arthur Anderson this month!
10/1999 (WSJ338) Enron launches Enron Online and racks up more than $180 billion in transactions in the first year. Note: The IRS onlybills them for $64 million.

06/10/1999 Belnick emails Father McCloskey to say: “I’m sending you my check for $2M for my pledge to the new Sanctuary/Alter in the Catholic Information Center in Washington.” My note: Some of that faith-based funding stuff is starting to enter the scene. Belnick is actually laundering money between the church and Tyco.
Note: The “radical Islamic Muslim extremists” begin to wonder why a Jewish attorney is laundering money from Tyco to Catholic institutions?
06/10/1999 Wednesday October 06 1999; 05:02 pm Eastern Time; Yahoo Message Board: TYC (Tyco); Post #4545; “The lawyer is shedding some stock” “Probably buying a boat … wonder what he knows?”

Washington October 06 (Reuters) – Mark Belnick, chief corporate counsel and executive vice-president at Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE:TYC – news), filed to sell about $7.5 million in stock, a Securities and Exchange Commission filing said. Belnick filed September 22 to sell 75,000 shares, worth an estimated $7.5 million, that he acquired through an exercise of options and from an employee benefit plan, the filing said. 06/10/1999 Tyco shares are up 1-1/8 to $106-1/8 on the NYSE.

See the next day!

07/10/1999 Date of the end of recent Legatus Pilgrimage. Note: The
Catholic Information Center in Washington looted Tyco, not Belnick.
Belnick was simply the courier.
Note: See next day!!!!!
08/10/1999 David Tice (Dallas-based market analyst) sends out report
regarding Tyco’s accounting practices. Note: In reality, the report
should have mentioned money-laundering but it didn’t. Note: This is
the day following the end of the Legatus pilgrimage. The check is in
the mail as of two days ago. The Catholic Information Center gets its
money. The Legatus “tough choices” are chosen. The beans can be
13/10/1999 Tyco calls rumors “unfounded and malicious”. This is a Wednesday (six days after the Legatus Pilgrimage).
29/10/1999 Tyco issues response to New York Times article. Note: The NYT is (intentionally) debasing Tyco share value.
31/10/1999 EgyptAir crashes a half-hour after the plane takes off from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport.
11/1999 (WSJ300) Tyco accounting practices begin attracting skeptical press reports. The SEC commission launches a probe.
The SEC is faking it.
02/11/1999 (WSJ300) Father McCloskey emails Belnick: “I pray you are weathering well the Tyco tempest”.
05/11/1999 (WSJ300) Belnick emails Father McCloskey blaming the government inquiry on “rumormongers”. He adds that Tyco’s woes were “nothing compared to the problems of Mother Theresa’s earthly charges or the glory of her boss.” (note: yet another biblical analogy to
white-collar crime)
05/11/1999 (WSJ27) WSJ reports the Senate overwhelmingly approved, by a vote of 90-8 a landmark financial services overhaul of restrictions in the Glass-Steagall law.
16/11/1999 George H. W. Bush and his wife sell 100,000 shares of Global Crossing for $4.45 million.
12/1999 (WSJ563) Omar Sheikh is freed from an Indian Jail – where he was serving time for kidnapping American (and British) citizens in Delhi – in exchange for the release of 150 Indians whose flight had been hijacked to Kandahar by Islamic terrorists. (According to an eyewitness, Mr. Bernard-Henri Levy reports, Sheikh was received in Kandahar by an ISI operative.)
09/12/1999 Tyco announces the SEC is conducting an informal inquiry related to charges and reserves taken in connection with the company’s acquisitions.
22/12/1999 Lawfirm Stull, Stull and Brody announce class action against Tyco. Kaplan, Kilsheimer and Fox also file a class action against Tyco in the district of New Hampshire. Other law-firms include Bernstein, Liebhard and Lifshitz. Schoengold and Sporn. Note: They are debasing Tyco stock value and they are rounding up who knows what to make certain that knowledge of what really happened stays.. at the tip of the iceberg.
10/03/2000 Nasdaq closes at 5048.62 after hitting an intraday high of 5132.52.
Mark Belnick and Warren Rudman had re-“structured” and “governed” the NASD between 1994 and 1995.
24/02/2000 (WSJ300) Belnick laments in an email to Father McCloskey that he lacks “spousal consent”.
28/02/2000 (WSJ300) Day Belnick had planned to convert to Catholicism.

I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I believe Reinhardt has the inside straight. Folks, as I said earlier, do yourselves a favor and stockpile water, canned goods, dry goods and other necessities. you wont be sorry. Even if nothing happens and this is the 21st century version of the Y2K goofup, at the very least you will have provided your family with extra food and water. How bad can that be?

by the way, the best place to find info on Reinhardt (aside from his intermittent website that is) is on “Above Top……”

~ by irishgrl on September 19, 2008.

11 Responses to “Reinhardt–because I can. And because he’s right.”

  1. Thanks grl! Like your succinct style & choice …
    May I translate your wisdom in rough german phrases?
    Till the next collection, bye.

  2. Thx for the compliment! I do wax poetical dont I? You may translate it as you like it 🙂

    (was I just visited by the man himself? O_o )

  3. No, you wasn’t.
    “You’re Irishgrl and I’m not” R.
    But I like the idea!

    Should you be interested in current investigations of mine,
    the 9/11 work of this weekend for instance … say it, Baby,
    and wax it with poetry, sweet “ChaoticSoul”, please!
    I’ll sent the data file directly on your vertical desk …
    ( including some german you can’t understand ).

  4. dang. well, fame is inching ever closer, I just know it!
    and Im always open to new material, with or without german I cant understand! 😛 Besides, who can resist such flattery? I know I cant!

  5. “Let’s keep that in mind”, he mumbled soundlessly …
    We are talking about more than 30 pages, Sylfaen 12 high
    with at least 100 hyperlinks – do you really want to go into this?
    Well, fame would be surely go along just by the sheer weight of how
    my highly trained focus regulating muscle sort the wheat from the chaff …
    There is such thing as “the truth”, and you know it. Which of course includes
    also the whole power of all the mysteries that are being used, called mystagogy.
    I’ll go to sleep for today, tomorrow morning some last editing work, and then, if you
    haven’t intervened at this point, the tubes will be fed with the most finest stuff due to R.
    and all the other guys who battle imperturbable their ways through the labyrinthian fortress
    of half-truths and red herrings … for your eyes, Irish west coast grl! Even if you can’t understand.

  6. what a geometric artwork of a comment!
    wish I could accomplish such a wonder
    alas, I am but a poor neophyte, lost
    among all the other lost sheep here
    in Gog/Magog otherwise known as
    US. But, its home, flawed at it is.
    and I along with many others do
    labor on for the sake of truth-
    telling, though I see through
    the glass darkly, yet trying
    to see. Waiting too, for a
    revelation that lays bare
    the crimes of their evil
    so that they can’t deny
    the truth of their mad
    plans, nor their open
    disregard of the men
    & women who were
    duped into a belief
    we chose them to
    lead…..fools we
    are—in every
    way (yes me
    too), and I
    know it.
    I have

  7. Peace, Baby. Feels like a little dance, doesn’t it? Very very nicely done, I like your answer a lot! Yes: “fools” we were nurtured to as our parents, grand parents and great-grandparents were, yet. But the times we live in are such groundbreaking unique ones, comparable only to the Protestant reformation 500 years ago that clearly was loosed by the invention of the letterpress … Without internet there would have been no 9/11 inquisition spectacle to be necessary, not in this monstrous, almost extraterrestrial, medieval bloodthirsty, Hitlerian gloomy fashion, don’t you think so? Anyway, that’s my point of view. And for a german juggling head banger like myself you get easily caught by some crazy sorts of Luther feelings from time to time dealing with the whole subject of “loosing big change” … please forgive me when that happens! Check your email, grl, I do appreciate your “waxing” abilities very much. 9/11 is the key to literally everything! Hitler was the Roman Jesuit revenge for Luther. Well, just another opinion of mine. Expanding the own mental horizon – that’s the name of the game … by using the unknown time slot we have right now.

  8. So: 9/11 gives the excuse for unilateral military action and the Patriot Act, and HAARP helps create devastating weather with pinpoint accuracy, such that New Orleans is wiped out in an obvious job of hand sitting, resulting in sky high oil prices…YET! We now have implementation of US Troops on US soil, and the suspension of Posse Comitatus!!

    Next, we cause turmoil in the financial sector, and ramrod bogus blank check bailouts down our throats all while bringing combat troops onto American soil to quell the predicted outrage. I wouldnt be at all surprised if Bush uses the financial crisis to give him a reason to stay in power, thus hijacking the Democratic process altogether.

    think I got it covered??

  9. No no no no. Sorry, grl! And although you are right!!

    The whole 9/11 plot around the pulverization of the Twin Towers which had made the WTC such a very special hidden temple and synchronisticly a fine pyramid of gold too, in the eyes of the ruling esoteric insiders, is soooo much bigger than Bush, the upcoming financial crisis and all ongoing war or further terror preparations …
    I’d like to come clean with you about all 4 degrees of the occult importance of 9/11.
    You covered approximately, let’s say 30-35% of the story. That’s not bad! But I’m afraid, it’s certainly not enough. The whole 9/11 strategy with these two volcano-like Mega Eruptions as most central eye-catching psycho attack and police state initiating terror highlight is basically over 400 years old, was often tested, and knows only one final aim …

    You seriously don’t believe that Bush is in power, do you? “A giant pile!”
    The CFR picks and controls both the most important political and media figures: in 2004 for example, the spectrum of “political choice” reached from one member of the Scull & Bones Society ( Bush ) to his closest friend, one of the other Bonesmen ( Kerry )! I‘m sure you are aware of this conjuncture. And the Arshbishop of New York, Cardinal Egan, has the CFR under his wing. He and George Tenet ( who was taken over by the Neocon crowd in 2001 from the Clinton administration, and as for being the chief of the CIA, that was, I think, an unprecedented move ) brought the buldings down, Giuliani played the cleaner and behind “all his puppets” gave Avery Cardinal Dulles the main instructions …
    This monster probably died in May or June this year.

    “If World War III is ignited by October 1st ( invasion of Iran ) there will be no need for an “election”. With all the energy being put into the campaigns for Obama and McCain, that would serve as quite a diversion if war and thus martial law is to be implemented prior to the “election”. But I will not dismiss the possibility out-of-hand. The Order has many strings to its bow and the high Jesuit Provincials and Assistants are the masters of contingency – as are all erudite military commanders.” ( from the 33 pages of my City of Rome Liberation Day “memorial file” )

    Without the background of Litvinenko’s public dying over 23 days in November 2006, you’ll probably never be able to understand the real dimension of September the 11th!!

    The towers burnt like giant torches of fascism until the “very last TV News channel world wide” was switched on to the Manhattan Island stage of a global Roman Colosseum …
    America became British 140 years ago, Israel is British since it was brought into existence by British Labor zionists, and the British world empire is actually a Roman one: this contract ( brit = contract & ish = man, in Hebrew ) gave the name “british” ( man of the contract ) to the new United Kingdom and his majesty, and it is now 300 years old.

    The world is actually governed from one office for nearly 70 years now!
    Unbelievieble? Yes, I know.
    But we have to think as big as they do … If not? Then don’t rather ask!
    The Scull & Bones Society by the way, is a Bavarian political investment like Hitler’s NSDAP or Weishaupt’s freemasonic Jesuit Illuminati order, and the name of the new Arshbishop of Munich is …… where the google drums are rolling: Reinhard Marx. Cheers!
    “The Order has many strings to its bow” & “all roads lead to Rome” as we know.

  10. I see….you’re looking at the bigger picture, I was merely outlining the agenda here in the USA….so. Perhaps a visit to YouTube is in order 🙂

  11. well, the picture as it is …
    we are faced all together with this 9/11 global agenda
    which seems to be much dangerous
    than any financial collapses or all battlefields of modern war

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