It just goes to show ya…

You never know what will resonate with your readership, Im learning. I mean….as a newbie, Ive been anxiously tracking my daily stats for hits and I’ve been pleasantly pleased with the modicum of success Ive enjoyed but nothing could have prepared me for the absolute shock I received when I had over 500 visits to my site in one day! And the weird thing was, it wasn’t for a post which I felt was well written or supported by various sources, no. It was for a throwaway post I did on VILLAINS of all things!

I could be a ratings hawg and write about the train wreck that is McCain/Palin, or Gustav (which actually isnt a bad idea since its related to another post I felt was fascinating (the weather wars post) or the near miss in New Orleans (again, more ties to weather wars)….but I haven’t. I may yet, but Ive resisted the temptation to follow the herd because as Ive said to all and sundry, Im no sheep! Wait! that deserves the obligatory pic:

so anyway, where was I? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna ride this particular carnival ride till the carnival closes. I still think the mysterious/paranormal/conspiracy stuff is more interesting, but HEY! who am I to argue with success??

~ by irishgrl on September 3, 2008.

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