Brushes with the Paranormal—Bigfoot

(image borrowed. See Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science for details)

Im sure by now, everyone has heard about the two EEJITS from Georgia who put innards on top of a mangled Gorilla suit and tried to pass it off as Bigfoot….if not, here you go

Sigh. RETARDS like that ruin it for the legit sightings or recordings that do come along. Anyway, Im going to make it clear at the outset, I BELIEVE in Bigfoot. Not only do I believe in Bigfoot, I live in Bigfoot country. True. My daughter lives about 15 minutes away from me and she hears Bigfoot every late summer. Not long after she and her husband bought their land, they heard eerie yowling screams in the wee hours of the morning. My daughter recounted one evening as follows:

It was about 2 in the morning, very dark, on a late summer night (late July, early August) when I heard this weird eerie screaming. I’d never heard anything like it before, and all the dogs in town had started barking like crazy. My two dogs (a Bull Mastiff and Great Pyrenees) began to bark and they sounded frightened. Whatever it was, it was calling to something on the other side of town, and it was fast. one minute, I could hear it calling and rustling in the bushes behind my house, then I heard running feet and next, the screaming came from the opposite end of town.

I asked my daughter if she went outside to get a better look and she said NO! whatever it was, it sounded so unearthly that it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. She said it was also very loud, like there was a lot of power in those lungs!

Later, we visited a website that had many different wild animal audio clips on it, to see if we could find what it might have been. I was thinking maybe wolves, since they are pretty speedy and they do howl….anyway, none of the audio clips even came close, with the exception of maybe an Elk rutting. We were both frustrated and tired and she went home. I decided on a whim to search for audio sound clips of Bigfoot and I stumbled upon the motherlode, the Bigfoot site to end all Bigfoot sites. Here is the link to the best sound clip I’ve found yet. When she heard it, both she and her brother in law (who lives next door and has heard the howling) said THATS IT! It gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it, its like nothing Ive ever heard before, and to imagine that sound when you’re alone in the woods, at night, just is too much…not only that, a quick search found this mention of a sighting just outside Paradise:

Paradise & Sterling City, California, 1969

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Behme, of Magalia, California, made a curious night meeting: ” – on April 16, 1969 at approximately midnight, we were in the car on the road between Paradise and Sterling City. The surrounding area very wooded, well sprinkled and crossed by deep canyons. As we started a long curve, our headlights lit what seemed to be a man in a fur, crossing the road. During one moment we had a front view when it turned to the car, then it was inserted in the darkness. Our impression that it was high of more than 6 feet [1.80 m] completely was covered with short black hairs, which seemed to be marked either of white spots or of mud.
Its face was white although the details appeared confused. The eyes did not shine in the night-light, as is the case of the eyes of an animal. The head was small and finished at a peak at the top. It was heavily built with particularly heavy legs.”

Credit © Peter Byrne 1975
Courtesy Western Bigfoot Society


Another anecdote from this site, strangely enough was about a relative of my daughter’s husband. Apparently his family has a long hallowed history of encounters with Bigfoot, this time getting the attention of Ivan Sanderson, a famous Zoologist noted for investigating the weird aberrations in biology. Bigfoot would qualify Im sure. Anyway, here is a link to that article

Now comes the disclaimer. I am a believer, but I am not crazy. Neither is my oh so practical daughter. Or her Husband or his family. Granted, we havent found any hard evidence beyond plaster casts or hair or feces samples, but then, we never find bear bones or mountain lion bones or carcasses……and we KNOW they exist. The way I see it, its kind of like the legends you hear about Elephant graveyards… never find elephant bones, but we know there must be some somewhere, because we see the live animals roaming around. so………why no bones? And if Elephants and Pumas and Bears (which we KNOW exist) dont leave bones, why should we doubt Bigfoot just because we dont see bones?? Just a question for thought…

Furthermore, in spite of the obvious temptation for fifteen minutes of fame, these BFRO folks aren’t in it for notoriety. They are serious about this. They collect hair and feces and plaster castings and record audio clips and photographs. Folks who want to be taken seriously send in their photos and sound clips or what have you. These people stage expeditions throughout the year. They’ve done this often enough that they have a rough idea of the preferred terrain of Bigfoot, what sort of signs to look for and even sometimes how to bait Bigfoot into making an appearance (sometimes a food offering is accepted, or a brief sighting).

Over the years, they have made some stunning discoveries and have been validated by some important experts in the field, such as Jane Goodall, who lived among the Gorillas in Africa and knows large primate behavior intimately. In addition, many Native Americans have come forward and recounted old legends that tell of these creatures, hundreds of years ago.

Ok. first the sound clips

this is the Ohio Howl. It reminds me of Chewbacca. Note the frantic dog in the background. Granted, this one isn’t as compelling as the version my daughter heard. I suspect they make different types of sounds for different reasons. Sometimes moans, sometimes ululations, sometimes something that almost sounds like a language.

For example, this is tagged “Samurai Chatter” and does sound very much like terse Japanese. In fact, in this one, the man recording it (Ron Moorehead) is attempting to communicate with one. The site explains:

The act of gesturing and speaking in their direction sometimes provokes “Samurai Chatter” — the speech-like vocalizations that are occassionally heard when these animals are nearby. It’s a rare priviledge, and an intense experience, to hear this class of vocalizations in person (refer to the interaction vocalizations clip). It’s also a key scientific observation. Provoking this special class of vocalizations is one priority of every BFRO expedition.

The suggestion of speech-like vocalizations will seem outlandish to some. Speech, as we know it, is something that humans assumed was unique to humans. One of the important things this species (genus?) will demonstrate, is that “human-like” speech is an ability that can arise when an ape species evolves to walk upright (i.e. becomes “bipedal” (pronouced “by-PEH-dull”)). Humans are bipedal apes. Sasquatches are also bipedal apes. As bipeds, both humans and sasquatches had the potential to develop the anatomical structures in the neck, face and brain, capable of producing speech-like sounds.

Here is a link to a walkie talkie exchange that happened during one expedition in Pennsylvania. The woman you hear is a law enforcement officer (NJ sheriff’s deputy) and is very used to high stress situations. Further on in the clip a third officer also mentions he hears something nearby. She says “Im seeing it, somebody walking in the treeline…..” Here is an excerpt from the site about the incident:

This is a walkie-talkie exchange during a Class B (compromised visibility) encounter on a BFRO expedition. It was recorded by documentary filmmaker Chris Noel during the 2005 expedition in Michaux State Forest, Pennsylvania. The woman speaking is Lorrie G. – a sheriff deputy from New Jersey.

Lorrie is a keen observer of bodies in motion. Lorrie’s day job is transporting felons to courts, and walking unarmed through holding pens of unrestrained jail inmates. She has also worked with surveillance teams for the sheriffs department.

After the incident Lorrie described the figure she observed in greater detail. It was upright and very large. She could see the shape of its head, its shoulder, and clearly observed its large swinging arms as it walked up the road toward her. She watched one figure, but insisted there was more than one nearby.

Not long after the end of the recording the figures departed and didn’t return.

During the incident Lorrie is encouraged to “try to talk to it”. This should not be misinterpreted to mean she should try have a conversation with one. Rather, it is a short-hand way of signaling her to do certain things, involving voice and gestures, that had been explained to her earlier in the trip. There are several purposes for these actions. One purpose is to encourage the animals to approach closer. Other animals, such a bear, cougars, deer, etc., tend to move away when people approach them and make these kinds of sounds. Sasquatches respond differently.

This is a link to a 911 call that will shock you

This is the link to the site’s home page, the most credible site Ive seen yet for documentation of these elusive creatures.

here is a link to the most recent additions to the sightings database (not necessarily the most recent sightings)

I live in California, so naturally Im curious about the sightings in my area. I contacted BFRO when my daughter identified the sound she heard, and informed them as to the details of her encounter. I suggested that they consider this area for future expeditions as my daughter has mentioned she hears the same sounds every summer. I spoke with one of the senior researchers by telephone and by email. I believe they are interested and will jot this area down as a possible expedition point in the future. Currently, there is an expedition planned for the CA Redwoods forest area. Also, one in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Oklahoma. These 4 areas seem to be pretty active, sightings-wise. Also Washington state is pretty active. The best sound recordings (aside from the Samurai chatter) come from Washington state.

In the interests of objectivity, Im posting links to other audio clips of animals you’d hear in the wild. Completely different from what my daughter heard.

predator calls

animal sounds

Cornell University digital sounds online index

Digital Librarian (requires you to search huge database–have fun!)

Animal sound sites on the net

Animal Sound Archive

Oh yeah, and to give you an idea of what came the closest among identifiable sound clips, here is a link to an elk rutting audio clip

By the way, the best footage of Bigfoot so far, the Patterson Footage (of the female Bigfoot captured on film in 1967 near the CA/OR border) is still the best film footage to date of Bigfoot and has NOT been debunked, despite claims to the contrary. I hope you will at least keep an open mind and explore the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s website and see for yourself–these folks are serious. They are just regular folks like you and I but they are taking a decidedly scientific approach to this question and looking more and more credible all the time.

OTHER Bigfoot sites:

Bigfoot Encounters  CA

Bigfoot Sightings  CA

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13 Responses to “Brushes with the Paranormal—Bigfoot”

  1. Very interesting stuff, here. Thanks for posting.

    Am I the only one who thought of werewolves immediately after hearing these sound clips? All of these wolf/dog monster stories are probably the same creatures as Bigfoot(s?). The Beast of Bray Road, werewolves, Yeti, the Wendigo…crazy stuff. And I live just outside of Pennsylvania…makes it even more interesting.

  2. Ive heard tales of the chupacabra, the wendigo, and werewolf. none of which sounded like what my daughter heard. nope. what my daughter heard sounded like an indian with a bullhorn. I mean really! its like nothing else in the animal kingdom. also, the samurai chatter clips are really amazing! its not chewbacca, its serious investigative stuff here..

  3. Does this mean I can hope for posts about Chupacara’s, Wendigo, or werewolves?

  4. perhaps…I dont have personal anecdotes about them however..

  5. bigfoot isn’t a flesh and blood creature. it’s actually a demon(spirit creature). you have to keep in mind that demons can take the form of anything they choose

  6. Interesting, considering they leave behind footprints and poop and have been caught on film….

    would you care to elaborate why you say they are demons?

  7. hasn’t anyone thought of the stories from the Indians? Let it be know that the stories of a great wise creature has been talked about through history.

    Even Islam talks of a wise greenman called al-Khadir. He lives in the woods as cernunnos, Hernes and to the druids as Hu-gadarn. I had a event where i saw this creature with my own eyes. I believe that this creature continues to evolve alone side us. If it where to see us in our enviroment we would seem mystical with all the things that we do with cars, planes, and other tools that we use day to day. We humans are so detached from nature and its grey areas, well never capture it in its own enviorment.

    “Down the Rabbit hole” move discrbed it best to me….. long ago the Mayans did not see the ships of the Spanish coming across the see, they thought that the white man was walking on water. Why? cause those tribes had never seen a ship before, had no idea what a ship was. But a respected medicine man saw a break in the surf… every day the medicine man went to the beach to figure out why there was a break in the surf. Until one day, the medicine man saw the ship, it had been there the whole time but since they did not have knowledge of the ships before they did not see it. The medicine man was very trusted and brought the tribe to see the ships. Because he was trusted the whole tribe saw.
    Our eyes see things all the time, and camera is the same, there is no bias. but our brains protected us and only lets us see what is safe for us. Nature has its own laws , we hunt for elk during hunting season in oregon, and those elk can disappear into nothingness in but a few seconds. Why? cause they are in they’er own terrain, and they have intelligence. Why when we know more about space then we do our own oceans is it not possible that this creature known as bigfoot would not somehow be able to evade, and be elusive in its own land. We live in boxes full of distractions,bias, and our personal reality is our own truth. Most of the time, we can’t see the forest thru the trees. We will never find bigfoot until we let go, and see.

  8. Of COURSE Im aware of Native American stories! Many sites that document Bigfoot include Native American anecdotes. Additionally, the new series on Animal Planet, “FINDING BIGFOOT” recently interviewed Native Americans in Florida while investigating the SWAMP APE.

    As for your other examples, I’d hardly equate the Green Man with Bigfoot, and I’ve seen no program or study that has done so either. That said, thanks for reading. Perhaps one day, we’ll actually have a real live specimen so that the non-believers will “SEE” as well.

    by the way, I already said I believe. I dont need to SEE a real one thank you! I like my pants to remain unsoiled, if its all the same to you!

  9. I wasn t trying to say that you did not believe in one. I am a gnostic reverend and thru all my studies of other religions( because i think one can not speak about others believes untill they know what they are taught) I have come into contact with several references to a guardian of nature or a gaurdian of the forest….The name green man is just a general term used by the irish and has been taken by the pagans as a source to worship. I find that the discriptions that the ancients used to discribed this green man is the same as what most people seem to come in contact with when they meet up with bigfoot. When the first vikings came to this country they discribed running into creatures that guarded the forest that smelled, huge tall creatures that had hairy bodies. I m trying to point not to the facts that we know as black and white i m trying to point to the fact that this creature has been with us for a long time under various names and myths.

    I grew up in madras oregon, i have a lot of indian friends that have sat next to this creature picking wild berries, but they still refer to bigfoot as a spirtual creature with special gifts.

    15 years ago i saw this creature…. we were in the blue moutains with 3 little girls looking for a place to camp. the moutain we were on over looked over the johnday river and the town of spray. I had never even thought of bigfoot ( cause the last thing i knew of this creature was that it was on “in search of” which helped make the patterson video famous) it was a great day, absolutly bueatiful.

    Did we pay attention to the broken trees laying across the road…nope! Did we pay any mind to continued knocking on the trees around us or the loud thumping of foot steps…nope! they logged out there no biggy!
    Did we pay attention to the horrible smell at every turn of the hike! but they have open range for cattle!

    My husband became agitated beyond belief?(which to this day does not know why or what about) My seven year old step daughter started to say she was scared….. a strange feeling of fight or flight fell over us. not one you feel with a cougar or a bear… not the one that you feel stalked when your hunting. almost as though your soul was screaming at you, the “hey you” don t get on that plane soul scream! We didn t bother to pack nicely we shoved everything into the blazer…. And then the sun was going down…. i saw it, not at first… I had to close my eyes and shake my head….I stood frozen to the ground I could not speak, I could not move,let alone breath… the way it moved from tree to tree as it closed in on us….its speed…Its face had an expression… it was looking right at me…or thru me. Like it could almost read my mind but perhaps just reading my fear…

    My husbad was still packing the blazer, handed me the 357, he kept asking me what was behind him, what do i see…. i had never seen something like this in my life and couldn t even form the words then to tell him…. he yelled shoot it! So i started to shoot at it, this huge hairy creature just came closer, untill it duck behind the cabin.. it took every nerve in my being to move and get into the blazer.. we left and took a wrong turn in the dark, out of fear we were lost( come to find out on a dead end logging road on a cliff). we got turned around some how on this wrong road, and thats when the rock throwing started. the creature(s) were right above us and the blazer was being hit with rocks…. we never looked back or spoke one word until we got to the fossil camp ground…

    From my experiance!!!! It was very smart, and it seemed very gifted in how it used the trees and grass and bushes to move…it was so swift i would say if i was a child that it was a magical monster…. but it had emotion, one that i saw and felt… We were intruding on its forest and it made no secret to hide it either.(we were just too stupid) I had to go home and look up what i saw and heard(i didn t look up bigfoot).. the face is the same as what is on the big foot book called “ENOCH”(no haven t read it) Just saw it one day and said to my hubby that that was the face i saw!!!! it was like heaven and hell! so yes i see the simalarities in green man, pan, cernounus,….take the myth away and just read the facts about them and they all sound alike. Sorry you seemed to think i thought you didn t believe…just frustrated with those who mock? I take it very seriously and have no problem telling people were i saw bigfoot if they doubt it and want to see for themselves.(right next to what the indians call skookum) went there last weekend to conqure my fear… and you can still feel it cause its still there!!!!

    I m just trying to add an argument of maybe we are all handling this hunt for big foot the wrong way…. sea monsters turmed out to be large squid, dinosars have been talked about as dragons….Why not green man be bigfoot? Is there not ghosts? Is it not possible for a herd of elk to disappear ? Is it not possible that quatum phsyics plays into it, cause for the most part we humans don t know what this creature looks like and we take respected ,trusted people and turn them into crazys? that this creature could threaten biblical truth, or scientific evidence. just a thought on the otherside of the leaf, a more mysticism meets science. Has anyone even tried bring gifts, or drumming, or incense? sometimes there is more truth and knowledge in ledgends and myths. BTW you see one, you ll be so frozen with fear dirtying your knickers is phsyicaly impossible, but the events afterwards are a different story!

  10. The angry looking icon on the bottom of the reply is not how i feel!!! But a good read for everyone is the “Epic of Gilgamesh” His friend was a giant hairy creature the stopped the towns people from hunting in the forest that his kind guarded. This creature was civilized by having either a priestess or a harlot in town go teach him the ways of humans. Enkidu was his name and perhaps the first proto type adam. but Enkidu sure sounds like a bigfoot to me.

  11. Rose, I appreciate your thoughtful reply, and while I myself have not seen one personally, my daughter has heard them calling to each other on either side of her very small one-time logging town. They are very intimidating, but Ive read they can be gentle as well (although those stories are pretty rare). I know the Natives in many countries have stories of man-ape hominids, obviously North America is not their only home.

    I can believe that the ancient celtic forest guardian might have been the European version of Bigfoot, however, the ‘green’ bit is a bit misleading, unless the dampness of the forests there cause algal growth like that that forms on sloths….food for thought I guess….

    Ive seen many sites about Bigfoot, but by far the most credible to my mind is BFRO. Im a little disappointed that they’ve gone “Hollywood” and started cashing in by airing episodes of their adventures on tv (I guess the money was too good to pass up, and since they are investigators at heart, and investigations cost $$, I can understand (if not agree) with their decision.
    Still, they have spent many years collecting physical evidence, recordings, and learning more about the habits of these elusive creatures. My hat’s off to them, I am not brave enough to do it, especially when they are so powerful, and could (if they wanted to) do quite a bit of harm.

    one last bit, I am aware that the Native Americans consider these creatures to be more of a spiritual rather than physical manifestation….and I have immense respect for the wisdom of the Native American peoples, and their connection with the natural and spiritual world. Who knows? perhaps they are right?

    Again, thanks for reading. Hopefully, you’ll look around and read other posts Ive shared?

  12. I think this is one of the better places to post conversations on bigfoot!! all the others leave you open to ridicual…

    And yes! Mr. Moneymaker(I believe is his name of the bigfoot t.v show) may just be what he is all about. It would be nice to see them try other avenues of finding ths wild man. Fish can sense eletrical feilds and birds(femals of them once thought dull in color) see in a different color spectrum. Perhaps we will never catch these wild beings because of their 6th sense. Instead of cathcing should we not try things on their level?

    I look over my shoulder all the time now when it was never a thought before. I would love to think that should i become lost ,(or my children) in the woods that i can rely on help. We are taught that we are the superior stewards of the planet, but its scary to think that there might be a more efficent thinking predator then ourselves.

    It seems to me that someone has controll over all the information from UFO’s to ancient history. I think the “powers that be” are aware of this wild man. Who knows, maybe its something as simple as werewolf syndrom and these people moved out to the wild to avoid civilized societies ridicual. Maybe there are just plan old feral humans. I plan on trying some things to see if i can get pictures or responses.( just to make sure i haven’t somehow crossed the line into dementia) would i go public? no! would i post the evidence here? yes!

    Funny! there is enough evidence to bring in the national guard, or other government agencies yet they just turn the other cheek! Someday, maybe, they will think we are old enough to handle the truth. 🙂

    P.S I love the video on the bigfoot samuria chatter. if its real “how cool is that”?

  13. Im happy to post your pictures, certainly. If or when you get something you care to share, I will start another post.

    I may start another one anyway, you’ve given me an idea…

    re: Samurai Chatter sound clip–I believe its real, and again, its due to the diligence of the BFRO, their focus on investigative and evidence gathering techniques that we have clips like this to listen to.

    Who knows? maybe Mr. Moneymaker (unfortunate moniker, that) decided to brave the obvious criticisms of ‘going Hollywood’ to bring more attention to the cause, and perhaps obtain even better evidence? Obviously, his show is giving other believers in other parts of the country a forum in which to share their experiences…its just that he himself comes across as less scientific and more emotionally driven. Im glad he at least has one biologist on his tv team to balance out his enthusiasm. And Bobo, of course. Ive heard that man’s voice on one of the clips Ive listened to…

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