poor critter :(

I killed a squirrel this morning.  I cried all the way to work.  I saw it dash out into the street and race across the road and I put on the brakes and tried to avoid hitting it but I heard that teltale thump and saw a cloud of dust in my rear view mirror, and I knew I killed it. 

I really hate how I am feeling right now because all I can think about is how small it is and how big and tough a car is, and how its little life was snuffed out just like that….  I know a lot of people dont give squirrels or other animals a moment’s thought.  Im not one of those people.  I saw my own kitty get run over as a friend of mine was leaving my driveway.  He was an old cat, half blind, and probably deaf, and had napped under the car while she visited.  He writhed around and around and I was so helpless, I couldnt do anything for him.  I ran across the street to my neighbor’s house (not the effing neighbor) to ask him to bring his gun to put my cat out of his misery.  As it was, I think he was already dead when my neighbor’s husband came. 

An image like that is burned into your brain and you never get over it.  I can never pass road kill without a pang of pain for that poor animal’s suffering.   People drive too fast (me too) and are so thoughtless about the life they snuff out.  Im gonna slow down for sure. 

Poor little squirrel, Im praying for you, wherever you are, and Im very sorry.  I hope you didnt suffer. 😦

~ by irishgrl on August 21, 2008.

8 Responses to “poor critter :(”

  1. Them little things should learn to stay off the road – maybe, like, little schools or something in the squirrel community (or whatever animal it is).
    Actually, last night, we found a dead bat in our wood stove. Somehow, it got down, through the pipe thing, and hung itself from the inside of the door and couldn’t get out or something, and died in it’s sleep. It was very sad, because for the longest time, we’ve been calling whichever bat is around (there’s only one at once) Baxter. So, it was Baxter that died, we think.
    Poor little animals….
    But, don’t be sad, get glad! (Yes, I know it’s “don’t get mad, get glad” or whatever it is, but you gotta change it up sometimes)

  2. I know Im silly but I just cant help it. their little bodies are so small against a 2-ton car…….like a plane falling on one of us you know? Sorry to hear about Baxter, but Bats seriously give me the creeps. We have a covered bridge by where I live and the bats all roost in it during the day, and there’s bat guano all over the edges of the walkway, and you hear them squeaking…I dont know, I think their furry little faces look demonic!! not like a squirrel, all cute with big eyes and stuff…now, if I would have run over tarantulas or something you wouldnt hear a peep outa me. I HATE spiders!!! my mom said one year when she and an ex boyfriend went down to Zion or Kings Canyon national park…there were scores of tarantulas swarming across the road, as big as dinner plates, and the splatz they left behind when they got run over was pretty gross according to her…I’ll take her word for it. I dont even want to try and get a visual on that scene!

  3. Ewwwww for bat guano.
    Oh ya, spiders are terrible. I hate them too. They are just gross and creepy looking and all them eyes and you know I’ll stop that now cuz I’m creeping myself out.
    All this spider talk got me creeped out….Then something touched me randomly that I didn’t know was there, and it was like “OMG WTF!” It was string….Just goes to show how easily I’m creeped out. 😛

  4. funny girl 😛

  5. Tarantulas are one of the leading causes of cars in the ditches in Oklahoma — they swarm over the road at night to stay warm on the blacktop and when you drive over them they make so much slime it is like driving on an oil slick!

    But running over an armadillo is truly insane — it bounces and makes noise like a bowling ball under your car or truck if you don’t actually run over it with your tires and squish it — then it finally unrolls and waddles away…

  6. My mom and her ex boyfriend took a trip to Southern CA, and said they saw the same thing about tarantulas on the highway at night. She said they were as big as saucers…thats too much spider for me. I hate spiders anyway, but spiders that big are just EWWWWW!

    I’d forgotten about this post until you commented, then I had guilt pangs all over again 😦

  7. Sorry ’bout that… He’s probably already been reborn — maybe as one of the two squirrels in that commercial that cause the car to swerve and go off the road and then give each other hi-fives!

  8. I’d like to think so…

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