Yukon Cornelius!

Yukon Cornelius is brilliant. Seriously. From the moment he first appears in Rudolph, he dishes out witty gems such as:

Yukon: You’re going to stay with me and we’ll all be rich with the biggest silver strike this side of Hudson Bay. Silver!
Hermey: I thought you wanted gold.
Yukon: I changed my mind!

Yukon: We’ll have to outwit the fiend with our superior intelligence.
Rudolph: How?
Yukon: Douse your nose and run like crazy!

Yukon: Fog’s as thick as peanut butter.
Hermey: You mean pea soup.
Yukon Cornelius: You eat what you like and I’ll eat what I’ll like.

“How do you like that! Even among misfits, you’re misfits!”

“Its not a fit night out for man nor beast! Here’s the man, and here’s the beast!”

“Didnt I ever tell you about Bumbles? Bumbles BOUNCE!

Far and away, though, my favorite Yukonism is this gem:

Life-sustaining supplies

Say Yukon…..can you spare a guitar string?

~ by irishgrl on August 17, 2008.

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