here it is, Saturday. and I havent accomplished a thing. Except for a little grocery shopping. Oh and getting my son some of his necessary school supplies. Its always an adventure taking him out in public, he cant WALK anywhere, everything is at a dead run. Inside the bank, inside the grocery store. I make him push the cart for me but he gets sidetracked by stuff and is always darting here and there to look at something. Or, he’ll see stuff he just HAS to have, like a Davy Jones action figure or puff paint marking pens…Bless him, he doesnt understand my resources are finite. One day he will, though…

So anyway, we bring everything home and put it away and we eat a little lunch, and I realize Im not feeling too good. And its 97º outside and 96º INSIDE! My house is an oven. all fans are on, all windows open, and Im broiling. I hope I can get a little $$$ together and get a little window AC unit when they go on sale at the end of summer. This is just crazy! Tonight, the weatherman is predicting a thundershower. I saw the clouds coming in and wondered if we would get rain….I hope it cools us off good.

Until then, I guess Im just gonna have to resign myself to feeling blah.

~ by irishgrl on August 17, 2008.

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