First Day of School

Welp, its that time again, when you provide the offspring with spiffy new duds to wear, new lunchbox or backpack, and maybe a new haircut (my son did his own haircut but thats another story) to herald the rite of passage that is the First Day of School.

I woke my son up yesterday with the glare from the videocamera, accompanied by witty commentary such as “look at the frogboy, hugging the body pillow” with closeups on his butt (fortunately I sewed the hole in his crotch the night before—you may all thank me later) and his legs all hugging that pillow for dear life. “Wake up frogboy, you’re on camera! Show the folks in videoland what frogboy looks like first thing in the morning with your new self-inflicted haircut!” Frogboy—I mean my son—merely makes farting noises with his morning lips, belches and turns his head away from the glaring light of the videocam. Not to be deterred, I scamper around to the other side of the bed and again exhort him to rise and whine: “Come on babe, its the first day of school!!! Dont you want to pick out what you are going to wear? All those choices?”

“NO!” he bellows as he dives under the blankets. “Well you have to go,” I cruelly remind him, “and you can go in your PJ’s if you want, ok by me.” You see, I am not above resorting to the tactic of peer pressure. At least while he’s young enough for it to still work.

Eventually, he gets out of bed and picks out his outfit (which I am filming for posterity and my mother) and eats and “fixes” his hair (although he didnt leave much hair to work with, but thats HIS problem now isnt it?) and away we go. All bright and shiny with our ankle socks that will disappear into our shoes before the day is half over, with shellacked hair, last year’s backpack (hey its still good!) and a heart full of hope that this year will not turn out to be half as miserable as he’s afraid it might…..

One day, Im gonna look back on all these days with sentimentality. Hell, I think I already do. Im glad I listened to my mom and got it on camera. My frogboy—I love you (MUAH!)

~ by irishgrl on August 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “First Day of School”

  1. The poor child….And to think, to have to go back to school so soon! AND to be caught on camera. I would die if someone tried to take pictures of me or whatever when getting up for school…I mean hello, it’s school – what kid is really excited for school? Okay, maybe some kids are – I used to be – but it wears off. But but but….Why so early for school to start???

  2. good question. I mean, the kids lost a good couple of weeks of summer…the only thing I can think of is that we lost so many days last year due to snow. As for filming my son, dont feel sorry for him, he is a ham and loves being on camera. Besides, it makes for great viewing on Friday night with a bowl of popcorn 🙂 ps: thx for visiting!

  3. I don’t know, when did y’all get out for summer break. We got out mid-June. Some school’s get out the end of May and go back mid/end of August though.
    P.S. – You’re welcome! 😀

  4. I believe school got out June 6th. So, they actually only got 8 weeks of summer instead of 12. I’d be throwing a fit if I was in school now…

  5. Oh wow. Damn that would suck. I mean, I’m dreading the coming of the school, and I still got two weeks till then! Gahhhh! 😛

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