Jayne Cobb!!

MiGAWD, I could spend HOURS looking at this man. And, as nice as the still shots are, he’s even more drool-worthy in action.

Anyone familiar with Firefly or Serenity (the late, lamented bit of Sci-Fi Genius from Joss Whedon) will recognize Jayne, the Mercenary for sale to the highest bidder….I recently purchased my very own copy of Firefly and my son and I (being companionably OCD together) watch episodes non-stop. We have our favorites (Jaynestown, DUH) but any scene with Jayne in it is balm for my soul. And yes, Nathan Fillion’s Captain Malcom Reynolds is lovely eye-candy (as seen here):

However, I found myself—again and again—drawn to the muscle, the ruthlessness and the utter knuckle-dragging testosterone-dripping specimen that is Jayne.

Of course, he has a softer side, as evidenced when he got the cunning hat from his mom:

Yes. I want me a Jayne. Actually 2 Jaynes and 1 Mal Reynolds. Yep that ought to just about do it.

PS: for all the Serenity fandom out there, August 17th, 2008 has been declared Serenity Day 2008.

~ by irishgrl on August 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Jayne Cobb!!”

  1. Shiny. I think it is just way too hard to choose but I did love how Jayne wore that ridiculous hat through the whole episode. So much so that I knit one for myself and now my kids fight over who will wear it…in all it’s silliness.

  2. You should rent “My Bodyguard”.

  3. I vaguely remembered the title but didnt know much about it so I googled it, & saw that it was an early Baldwin vehicle. I read the plot summary & it looks like it might be pretty good. I wasnt sure if you were recommending it to be sarcastic or serious (Ive read yer blog ya know!) but I’ll take a stab and say I think you were serious. thanks for the referral 🙂

  4. Liked Firefly. Loved Serenity. Malcolm and Jayne were just Han Solo wannabees, but I can see how women would enjoy them a bit more than I did.

  5. Star Wars and ET were two of the most OVERRATED movies ever in my opinion. I studiously avoided both. I liked Harrison Ford better in Raiders of the lost ark. No way is Han Solo better than Jayne Cobb (or even Malcom Reynolds for that matter)

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