Potty Mouth

Call me old fashioned–(heck, SOME people call me old–of course others know better heh heh–but I digress)–but it seems to me that the days of intelligent discourse are numbered…

I remember when I was a teen, and I tried out my first few cuss words on my mother, I didnt shock her as I had planned, no. Instead, she told me that an intelligent person will always try to find another word to use. Well, I considered myself intelligent, certainly intelligent enough to use alternatives….so I never really got into the habit of cursing/swearing (except during THOSE moments of course).

So, I figured, when I had my own children to raise, I would use the same logic on them–an intelligent person will always find another word to use. WELL! I’m here ta tell ya, that ain’t happening! My middle daughter in particular has the foulest mouth evah! Good grief! I mean, I’ve heard my fair share of blue language in my day but MIGAWD! I’d have to go to her school and talk with her teacher and try and convince them “SHE DIDN’T HEAR THAT AT HOME!!!”

And I know, Right Here in cyber land, colorful language just permeates the ether! Now, I’m not complaining any more, because like the true entrepreneur I am, I’ve figured out a way to PROFIT from it! Oh yes!! Ive created a fleet of my very own mobile cleaning service trucks that, for a modest fee, will remove the offending material and clean the environment all at the same time! To wit:
mobile potty mouth cleaning service

~ by irishgrl on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Potty Mouth”

  1. This is a Frigging sugar eating comment and if you dont like it you can eat sugar and take a nap 😀

  2. Hey, there! I saw your post about how wordpress blogs might get more traffic…maybe that’s true because I saw the title of your post in the tags.

    Yep. I, too have a Potty Mouth daughter. She’s much worse than my son. He NEVER swears, but she’d make a sailor blush. (They’re not little, either..both in their 20’s, but she’s had a potty mouth all her life.)

    I think the Mobile Potty-Mouth Cleaning Service would be working overtime at my house!

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