War Zone

If anyone is interested, here are links of interest regarding the fire that threatened my town this past weekend:


Slideshow of pix by local residents

My daughter’s town also had a small fire but it was contained. Between the power outages and road closures and evacuation threats, its been one helluva weekend. I apologize to one and all for my shitty attitude.

The fire is 100% contained, and I went to work yesterday…I am amazed at how much is still green! after all the pix of smoke and fire, I expected to see wide stretches of black or ash…and there are some pretty apocalyptic areas, but overall, those firefighters did a damn good job (HATS OFF TO ALL THE FIREFIGHTERS~ PAT YERSELVES ON THE BACK, YOU DESERVE IT!) Anyway, Im thinking a good part of the damage wont be visible in a year or two….the sad thing is, over 70 people lost their homes 😦 Those poor folks…..

here is a Link to an interview with a CAL FIRE Incident Command Team Commander. It includes another slideshow.

Overall, we were very very lucky.

~ by irishgrl on August 6, 2008.

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