Troglodytes, or THEY WALK AMONG YOU!

Evolution. Pretty much a done deal as far as Science is concerned, and except for the religious nutz in the Bible Belt, its accepted as fact by the majority of folks worldwide. I mean how do you argue with fossils? Course, thats not to say that there aren’t still unexplained mysteries, cuz there are. For example, Im certain there are living fossils just waiting to be discovered. After all, if the Coelacanth avoided discovery until the mid 20th century, why cant Nessie be a Plesiosaur?

I would even submit to you that in a very real way, Evolution’s greatest success story is right under our very noses! It would explain for example the truly brutish behavior I see on a daily basis. Oh yes. The attitude, the belligerence, the downright RUDE antics of these subhumans who nevertheless occupy the same strata as you and I dear reader. I call these folks the Troglodytes. They are usually male, but occasionally females have been spotted. They can be identified by their utter lack of awareness of anything outside of self. and by their tendency to engage in pack mentality. They are ruled almost entirely by their amygdala, or primitive brain. Be not fooled however, it takes real intelligence to co-exist among more civilized humans and not be exposed for the knuckle-draggers that they are. Because they are masters of disguise, Im posting a pic so you’ll know them when you see them:

~ by irishgrl on August 6, 2008.

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