Mother’s Day

What I wanna know is, why do we only get ONE??? I think it should be a whole week for cripes sake!
Im sure its some conspiracy or something, “give the gals a day of their own so they wont squawk about the fact that all the rest of the holidays are about men” kinda thing….think I’m kidding? Pop Quiz: name a holiday that is about a famous woman. BZZZZZZ time’s up. Anyone? Yeah, thats what I thot. Women get to sorta cash in on Valentines day, so thats alright I guess, but come ON people!

Well enuff of the rant, time to get all sentimental and stuff. Ive got 3 kids, two grown daughters and a 7yr old son still at home. Let me tell ya, raising kids aint for the faint of heart! My daughters were a handful growing up, particularly the younger one, but nobody could prepare me for just how different BOYS are! And Im not talking the Venus/Mars thing either. Who else would sit in your lap and cuddle with you only to say “Ive got a present for ya” and fart in your face??? (Im not ashamed to say, I laffed as loud as he did! Guess Im still a big kid). Or the fact that everything is automatically a weapon? Where is that coming from? Are all boys just mini soldiers or whatever??? And to think I was worried that he might suffer from no male influence, me being a single mom and all….no worries there folks, let me tell ya! And the fact that the most amazing things turn up in the washing machine, no one prepared me for that either! Course, all of that pales when I remember that this same young man asked me to marry him, and that he loves me “past God!” That is what makes it all worthwhile. So to all my fellow Mothers out there,

~ by irishgrl on August 6, 2008.

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