Why NorCal is so Totally Cool! Brand new Excursion train ride up Feather River Canyon

While perusing the local paper one day, I found out I just missed being able to ride this nifty little train up the Feather River Canyon.  This is significant because the rails are primarily for freight hauling.  Apparently, the last time a passenger excursion train actually had a route this high up the canyon was in 1952!

I had a link to the newspaper video, but that link has expired.  Instead, I went to YouTube and found these:

This video isnt an excursion train, but mostly footage seen from the rails up the canyon.  I include it because the scenery is so pretty:

and this is a nice vid taken from places you can reach by car:

and for kicks, here’s a vid from a motorcycle helmet cam!  It ends right after the longest rock tunnel…I honked my horn (mentally of course) going through these tunnels, did anyone else??

Actual videos of Feather River excursion trains are pretty rare, I hope more are posted soon.  By the way, there is an annual train festival going on in Portola this coming August, and an excursion train will be heading up that way.  For locals, last pickup is Oroville.   There is also an option to take the bus on the trip back to save money (those train trips are EXPENSIVE!)  Here’s the link to the train ride info (they have videos posted too).  I cant afford to go this year, but Im gonna start saving my money for next year!

~ by irishgrl on June 23, 2011.

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